Friday, November 6, 2009

Holes in my pocket

Why are there so many temptations?? =__=

RM2.5k was charged to my cc last 2 weeks for the bridal photography. and another RM200++ was charged due to the products i bought from Cellnique. and for these 2 clothes, i can hear they are telling me 'buy me buy me!'....

checkered red dress from here

black high waisted dress from here

die lo, i'm damn broke now..... T____T
(but the dresses are so pretty right?) ^__^


  1. Fancyland, paste already you give me discount ar? ;)

  2. More than RM70 give you 5%. ok ar? :D

  3. Hey...but you d get it rite?
    i remember just send it to you le~~
    Give you discount next time!!

  4. fancyland, 5% only ar??
    yep, i replied you through email and sms also! got it yesterday afternoon.

  5. haha~~u buy more then discount more~~is the dress fit?

  6. I like that red checkered dress


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