Saturday, November 14, 2009

One of the BEST movie

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the cinema was full last night. luckily i managed to buy the tickets in advance, got middle rows which is just nice for us!

to me, this is one of the must-watch movie of the year. the story line and all the computer graphics are just perfect. the movie lasts for 160 minutes but surprisingly, i dint feel that, i was too enjoy until i dint realised about the duration.

this is a movie incorporated with a few morals. its not really about the end of the world as in the end, many people still survives. but in the midst of escaping from the great disasters, some people betray their loved ones and do anything just to protect themselves. also, in times like this, this is when true love reveal within family and friends.. tears were in my eyes when i watched the part when Adrian Helmsley called up his dad telling him the truth, and his dad cried and conveying his love towards his son. its really touching :'(

i'm definetely gonna rate this movie 5 stars!

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