Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I'm back!!

the trip was AWESOME! its quite cold when we were there, averagely about 13 Celsius. we went to Mount Aso which is still an active volcano in Japan, and it was zero Celsius up there!! freezingly cold!! i will blog about them soon so please stay tune ok! also i have tones of beautiful photos to be uploaded too. i wont let you wait for long i promise!

things there are quite expensive as expected. we have spent about 110,000 Yen, purely just on buying snacks, souvenirs and some clothing and bag. but if you are a rich girl, Japan is really a shopping heaven as it gathers probably the world most trendy fashion ever! i heart their clothes and shoes!! but they are so expensive which to me, not very worthy investing on them =__=

lots of things at work to settle after the long holiday, so, gotto go now...


  1. ivy, ^__^ u also not bad wert..

  2. hehe...I never been to Japan money go till there (bo fren there) :P

  3. Ivy, dont worry, who knows in future you might got chance..


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