Saturday, November 7, 2009

Something about dreams...

Let's talk about dream today. I personally feel that dream is something so hard to explain. it can be funny, sweet, lovely, weird and scary.
i always dream about something/somewhere all the time. i dont know is it normal? i mean, whenever i wake up from a dream, my mind goes very tired and restless the whole day and i will keep thinking about it, especially if i dream about someone ;)

i really wonder why do we have dream? why do i keep dreaming about the same thing? does it represent something in our real life? does it mean anything? does it reflect our current life? and the list goes on...

i tried to google some information about dream but sadly, i couldnt find anything relevant. perhaps i should buy some analysis books from the book store.

take this for example, the moment that thing flied towards me, it was so real! as if i could feel the whole situation happened right in front of me! i even remember so clearly that, i was screaming and yelling like mad!

and this, this is the scariest dream i've ever had so far :( i swear i will never forget that feeling. i knew i was in a dream, but the feeling of that thing pressing on me was also so real! i tried so hard to struggle and attempted to shake it away...

but this, this made me fantasize for the whole day ^__^ i couldnt remember who he was, but the feeling was so nice! but if it wasnt my current partner, then why i dreamed about it? does it mean something bad is going to happen to my relationship??! =_=

but i know, no matter what, i dont really need to keep those dreams in heart. its a dream afterall, right? what happen in our real life is more important. cherish every moment we have while we can ;)


  1. I often dream about the most impossible things in life. The most random and least known people also appear.

    Dreams are very energy-draining, and I often find myself sleepy after a long dream.

  2. Shingo, true. sometimes i dreamed having a relationship with another person/total stranger, while in reality, i'm already married ;) its funny and feels so impossible to me!


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