Thursday, November 5, 2009


1. I suddenly realise that life is confusing. when you dont do the things right, you'll get scolded. but when you get the things done, you'll get scolded too! sigh~ life...

2. But i know, some people is not worth to get angry at. a friend told me, there're many different types of people in the world, if we were to get mad at these people, we're messing up with ourselves. so, i know i only need some times to calm down and to release my anger, then i'll be alright. i will keep this in mind forever ;)

3. Hmm, nothing much to update anymore. am counting down to the trip! :D :D


  1. Forget about them, who they are anyway...countdown for you trip k...happy days will come...

  2. Angeline, thanks girl!
    happy trip for you too! ^__^

  3. Just "ren" lo... this kinda people is everywhr... *SIGH*... where you going kok? hehe

  4. ivy, yalo.. 不忍也忍那么久了, 唯有再继续忍咯,反正再不会多久。。哈哈。
    this time, i'm going Japan. ;)


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