Monday, November 9, 2009

Ugly face

Damn, i had a few unpleasant red spots on my forehead now!!
they aint big. but very noticeable and irritating! its the aftermath of the facial i had last weekend. i used to have confident in this beautician's skill, but not sure what happen, she did my facial quite badly! its more painful also compared to previous times :( i'm so worried now what am i gonna do?! can i get rid of those spots? are they going to turn into a scar?? then they'll sit forever on my forehead!! NOOOOOO...... :0

there's a friend's wedding this weekend. and there's only 1 week left to my Japan trip! how leh.... T__________T


  1. don't touch it, haha, that's my advice, just leave it and it will go away... at least that's what it does with my face. I'm jealous of you going to japan! enjoy


    ps: I heart ferrero rocher!

  2. Toothfairy, thanks for swinging by~

    yea i know. i dont simply touch it actually.. i understand our fingers are fill with dust/dirt. but everytime look into mirror, i feel so bad. T____T

    p/s: you got a nice blog! ;)

  3. Wah... so cham a? Erm... let it cool down lo... ah bo how ler? Put more pimples cream lor... :)

  4. ivy, yala :(

    i put on calming mask every night since last Saturday. i hope it can recover soon..


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