Saturday, November 28, 2009

Yokoso Japan Day One

Finally, i have the time to edit and blog about the trip.

we took SIA flight from KLIA to Sg at 9.45pm on the 16th Nov, transitted from Sg to Fukuoka at 1.05am. reached Fukuoka early in the morning and proceed to breakfast at a restaurant name Fugetsu at the airport.
we ordered duck ramen to share as i wasnt very hungry.
random photos taken at the airport.

the 1st destination was Nagasaki atomic bomb museum. its a museum that gathers all information and photos regarding the bomb incident around Japan during the past.

us outside the museum. autumn leaves are everywhere, they are so pretty!
next, lunch at a restaurant nearby. i wasnt even hungry yet =___=
big portion of the lunch which consist of rice, noodles, pancakes, pudding jelly and side dishes.... i wonder how can Japanese people stay so slim while they are having big portion of meal everyday??
after lunch, tour guide brought us to a place with the statue of peaceful.
lots of school kids, they were there for class yearly photography. its true that their uniforms are so nice and cool! the weather was nice that day, about 13 Celsius. however, i must wear my gloves and sweater to keep myself warm.
then, we went to Glover Mansion, Japan's oldest western style house. built by Thomas Glover in 1863. there are many souvenir gift shops there too.
my favourite photo!

photos taken in Glover Mansion

camwhoring in the bus while on the way to hotel ;)

the first hotel we stayed, Best Western Premier Nagasaki. most of the hotel rooms are small, as the land is small. but one thing damn cool about the room is the toilet seat ;) i think most of you know that high tech toilet seat is the main attraction. it has got buttons for auto cleaning, free odour, temperature adjust and heating seater.
buffet dinner during the first day. it was on a hill where we could see the beautiful night view of the town.

it was freezingly cold this night!
not much activity after dinner as we were damn tired so went back to the hotel for a good rest!


  1. Ah... Waiting for more of your post on your Japan trip!
    I'm so jealous!

  2. shirlexia, you also can go ma! start saving now! ;)
    will blog about it soon...

  3. but it's like 14K~! Our wedding is next year which means there will be plenty of spending...

    Gosh~! you are so super lucky!

  4. wai leng, actually ho, 14k is more classy type of hotels and food lo.
    i believe if you chose more economic one, it'll be less than 10k.

  5. Japan Japan... hmm...when I will have chance to go... syok nia!

  6. ivy, start saving now.. then can go liao~


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