Monday, December 14, 2009

Another celebration

Last Friday, we went to Jin Yu Man Tang restaurant (金玉满堂) to celebrate Yvonne's belated birthday and Cherry's birthday. you can view how we celebrated for them last year here.

can eat and sing in a room, nice~ but the room is abit dark i think

curry fish head

sweet and sour chicken cube with mango


braised beancurd with salted fish and chicken cube

fried four mixed vegetable with sambal belacan

salad prawns

blueberry cheesecake from La Promise bakery

FOC birthday pau(寿包) from the kitchen, so thoughtful~

the 2 main casts

Celine and i

group photo!

its a nice gathering as we can eat, laugh and sing together! might visit the place again.. but this time, only to sing K, no more heavy dinner like this.... lol.... =__=


  1. The event wouldn't be so nice if without you and your sweet voice. You are so good in karaoke.

  2. Yan, no la, i just play and sing along only.. ^__^ *blush*

  3. gal, where is this place? me also want sing and eat... ;p
    the foods look so nice~

  4. ya, you are so talented. any song also can sing ^^

  5. Evenly, its the old Lido Restaurant. somewhere near Bomba taiping...

    Yvonne, haha, thanks *shy*


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