Monday, December 21, 2009

Avatar - another great movie of 2009

image source from here
When i first saw the trailer, i thought its just some scientific movie with alot of high eng technologies and graphics. i dint really plan to watch it, but i was so wrong! no regrets in watching this! (i actually heard alot of good reviews about this movie...)

despite the tiredness and some boring parts, i still make it to the end of the show, which was about 12.15am. anyway, i rarely fell asleep in the cinema also.. lol.

synopsis here
rating: 4.5/5 (thumbs up for James Cameron!)
p/s: i'm so love with all the beautiful graphics!


  1. yaya, the graphic is especially beautifully done. and the forest - it is really enchanted! i love it soooo much.

    james cameron never failed me, be it 10 years ago and right now, lol. *pssst, i like titanic so much that i watched it 2 times in a month - once in the cinema, another is VCR at home. my then-bf said i'm crazy

  2. Yvonne, yea, the graphics is so colorful and romantic too!
    Haha, i think i watched Titanic twice also ;)

  3. I should have watch this instead of Storm Rider II last Friday. Storm Rider II is sucks.

  4. Yan, i already written in my blog review wert.. haha.. but nvm la, you really have to watch this Avatar!

  5. a lots new movie recently, but i have no time to watch it... :(
    wait me back tpg, must have a trip to cinema... and i awaits for the Alvin & the chip mucks 2... :)

  6. Evelyn, haha, before this, you will just need to pack your mood for your upcoming Taiwan trip!! :D


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