Thursday, December 17, 2009

A bad encounter

*This is going to be a long post with no pictures*

As some of you might already know, i went for my bridal photography yesterday, one of the most anticipating event of the year, lol. finally, we were done with all the photo shooting, i can now sleep soundly without worrying anymore =)
of course it was very tiring. shooting started from about 10am until 7pm++. thank god the weather was just nice when we did our outdoor photo shooting.
overall, i'm very satisfy with the make up and hair styles. Mee Khoon did a great job! ;)

Last week, i called up a photographer, Calim, from super, i was introduced to him through my colleague, who had had his wedding in June this year. my intial plan was to inqure about videography for my wedding day in March. he then explained further saying that he can do a MTV for me during my photo shooting day, and it's only RM 50 for the whole day. he said his company is the ONLY company that FT accepted for videography. the price surprised me, so why not? so i thought we had a deal and will be seeing each other during the shooting day.

on Tuesday, he called again to re-confirm the time with me, and he told me he would liaise with FT side, on the video making and so on. Calim seems to be a nice guy (through phone). but my perception towards him changed after a few minutes, when he called me again, asking me is it possible to cancel the MTV?? reason given is, he found out that there's another couple who will shoot at the same time and at the same outdoor venue as me, and they dint bring any video man with them. so if i were to carry on the video making with Calim, then it's difficult for him to explain to the other couple.

seems like there's no other alternatives but to cancel the MTV. i straight away wrote them a complaint email right after hung up. it was such a disappointment to me, as i'm very looking forward to this photography session, as well as the MTV. imagine i came to know about this only on a day right before my actual photography session. as a soon-to-be-bride, i was very upset and disappointed. why dint they arrange things properly in the first place and simply promised me about the MTV?

i mentioned this to the consultant(Justina) at FT and surprisingly, she also had a bad encounter with Calim last month, he promised to deliver her wedding videos but until now, no news at all.
thats not all, what even surprised me was, Justina told me that FT Penang management dont allow any outsider to take any video of the making. so, what did this Calim promised me? what the hell is he doing?!

now, i strongly believe i'll need to think twice before negotiating further with him about the videography during my wedding day. or better still, i might as well look for other video man....


  1. Hayley, I guess you should just cancel Calim and go for new photographer. This type of people likes to break promise one, doesn't worth second chance at all. Don't spoilt you mood, go find new one.

  2. Yan, ya lo, at 1st i thought can ask him as our video man, but now.. i have no choice but to look for another one... =__=

  3. Yes,FT dun allowed outsider to take any MTV. FT will usually provided all the services, if we requested. Even if u hire new photographer oso no use.
    Hopefully tat lil bad encounter won't spoilt ur mood on that day!1. Cheer up gal.

  4. I wish I can help because I'm also looking for a videographer but still have not found anyone.

    I think I would also advice you to look for someone else. For many things in life you can give people a second chance. But wedding is ONCE in a life time thing - no second takes...

    Good luck!

  5. Angeline, well, perhaps i should feel glad that at least he let me know on a day before the actual photo shooting session... its better than to inform me on the actual day itself right?

    Wai Leng, thanks~ all the best to you too!

  6. come like that de?! ==' nvm lar, still have time for u look for another good photographer...wish u All the BEST and good luck...cheer up, gal!!!

  7. Evelyn, ya, i never expect such thing will happen =__=
    their arrangement is so terrible.

  8. Free lancer problem.. hmm..get urself a new video man d lor.. noting much u can do on this Calim man. You didn't pay him yet right?

  9. Ivy, luckily i havent pay him a single cent! haha..


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