Monday, December 28, 2009

Bar-be-que night

As planned, we had a simple bbq party during Xmas eve. its been a year plus since the last bbq session i had....

sweet potatoes, sweet corns, capsicums, nuts, drinks etc etc...

i marinated curry-flavored chicken wings a day earlier

bbq-flavored chicken wings

'grass jelly and soya' jelly, from Crystal

sotong and chicken balls, sauseges....

yeah! thank God it dint rain at my place that night ;)

opps! fire burning!!

siu kai yek


gurls again...

mummy and daddy had fun too ;)

the guys...

Crystal and i, with our Xmas hat

Esther's turn ;)

with Angeline

somebody interrupt at the back
the bbq party ended around 12smth, i forced myself to clean and wash whatever i could wash, though i was dead tired that time....
anyway, we had a great time that night.. consider it as a little house warming party ^__^
thank you guys and girls who attended that night!


  1. You've moved into your new house?
    It looks very very nice ler.

  2. Shirlexia, yeah! i moved to Golden Hill since March.
    simple terraced house only.. but thanks!

  3. hmm.... the drinks on the 1st photo look familiar, kekeke

  4. yvonne, haha yea.. you guess it right! :p

  5. The BBQ food is so tempting. I am drooling now.

  6. Yan, hehe.. you also can organize one.. then i go over. heheh...

  7. whr the place ?? golden hill?
    im nv heard b4... 38 ppl =.=
    anyway,ur house look nice ^.6

  8. Sherley, thanks~
    Golden Hill is situated after Taman Lake View.. consider near Kamunting area lo.. hehe


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