Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cicada insect

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Ask me what freak me out the most and this ugly thing will always be in the list. not only did it looks ugly, it make the loudest irritating noise ever.

but luckily this thing is only actively seen when CNY is approaching... (hmm i wonder why?)anyway i hate it just like how i hate cockroaches.. (yea, basically, i hate all insects, especially those which fly...)

Cicada is the name, or more commonly known as keh keh among children .. some kids are more daring than me as they catch this thing and use to scare the rest (including me) i hate when this happens... i just dont like it at all.....


  1. I hate it too...saw it then scared like hell...i will just stand there and keep an eye to it and no dare to move...when it fly over and i will shout and run here and there...hate it hate it!!!!
    my nephews most like to catch it and scare me...when hearing the keh keh sound...i'm number 1 hide myself...=='

  2. evelyn, haha.. i think many girls hate/scare of it.. its like feeling it will fly to your face anytime right? plus, they fly very fast and with no direction.. =__=

  3. (O.o)

    I took biology during form 6. And while attempting to catch one cicada specimen, it flew right to my face! Luckily I wear glasses, or it could have scratch my face or my eyes. (>.<)

  4. of all insects, i hate cockroach the most. ironically, i love beetles. i used to catch beetle and let it crawl on my palm..... but i won't do the same with cockroaches. i'll just smack them *evil grin*
    cicada, hmm, i find it's very amusing with the keh keh sound. and yes, avery does call it keh keh.

  5. Wai Leng, hah lucky you... ;)

    yvonne, hmm, i dont like ler.. looks very gross to me :S


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