Wednesday, December 23, 2009

For your viewing pleasures....

After so long, i'm finally done with the bridal photoshooting. went to Penang again last Sunday to chose the selected one and also did some further discussion. overall, i'm pretty satisfy with Christ's works! now, fingers cross to see the actual outcomes....

i managed to snap some of the photos. of course i did it when the consultant was away, i know its not right to take out any softcopies now.. :p they were taken using my hp so they're quite blurred...

before that, here's my new look ;)

bangs again... now that i realise that, last year this time, i had my bangs back too! sometimes, things happen so coincidentally right?

ok, now just a few photos to show you...

One of our outdoor photo, i super love the hairstyle! simple, casual and elegant!

this is the main reason we chosed Shang-ri la hotel for our outdoor shooting, beautiful wooden corridor. its also the entrance for Rasa Sayang Spa Center..

one of my favourite photo!! i showed MK (the make up artist) Taylor Swift's photo and she did something similar. <3

gorgeous electric blue gown, one of my favourite!

i still look like me right?

cute fringe look. i thought it'd look kinda childish, but luckily the result is still acceptable..

there're still a few more photos but dont think will upload anymore. let's wait the final softcopies next month ok. they'll be PS-ed so i'll look more perfect! lol...


  1. You are forever gorgeous. Your hubby looked a bit like "Louis Koo" in the picture when you wore the electric blue evening gown.

  2. The pics look so nice lar! I think ur photographer really did a great job!

  3. i like your outdoor shots! they are so artistic :D
    yes, u still look like u, lol!

  4. Yan, thanks *blush*
    hmm, he always claim he looks like Louis Koo one.. very thick skin...

    Shirlexia, thats what i think too! ;)

    Yvonne, i like the outdoor shots too! we were in dilemma how to filter those unwanted one, cause all are nice!

  5. oooOOo...cute. niceeee... I want to see the PS one.. keke...

  6. Ivy, well, need to wait somemore lo ;)

  7. wow~nice shoots...very pretty leh...*THUMB UP UP UP*

  8. u look gorgeous!
    *thumb up*

  9. wow~! your pictures are so beautiful!!! (^_^)

  10. Celine and Wai Leng, thanks! ;)

  11. babe u so pretty.... T___T i cant wait to see the full collection ;)

    i like outdoor shots too, i guess i'll go for beach themed, but scared my makeup melts T__T

    again, u r so pretty.. yr hairstylist damn cun la..

  12. Cryst, thanks..
    dont worry, they'll touch up the make up so you'll still look nice~

    Sherley, thanks!


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