Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's coming!

*Happy birthday to mummy and Yvonne!*

6 more days to the bridal photography at FT, i'm sooo nervousss!! =__=""
i seriously think i'll need some sleeping pill the night before the shooting @_@ i hope i dint put on weight ever since the gowns trying in October =_=
of course i want to look my best during the shooting. i've been very hardworking in doing weekly facial mask and hair treatment too.

this morning i manage to google some of the bridal hairstlyes which i think they look nice.
i super love this hair style of Taylor Swift in her MV Love Story. its lovely and elegant! i'm planning to show this to the hair stylist during the shooting day. it might not look the same but, no harm in trying right? ;)

this one look complicated but i kinda like it too~

simple long curls can be nice too! i think my hair is long enough to achieve similar look

i dont like this kinda bun. looks quite lou thou right? EK too suggested not to style this type of hair lol. anyway, i trust that hair stylist as i have spoken to her what types of hair i like, and have seen some of her samples
*photos taken from here*
i've heard from friends that photo shooting is very tiring. it occupies the whole day, but i bet it'll be fun :p i'm yet to experience this soon...


  1. so great!!! really cant awaits to see ur pics, the hairstlyes really nice leh...I like too~hope ur hairstylist able to fulfill it~
    yea, shooting is tiring but very happy and fun too~i ever acc my sis to take shooting last time, really happy at the moment coz saw them so happiness~
    wish u have a wonderful shooting yaaaa...
    p/s:if no mind pls gv me a piece to keep yaaa... ;p

  2. evelyn, thanks dear!
    ya ok, will give you one when the time near... ;)

  3. (^_^) I feel your excitement! Hahaha... I felt the same when I was preparing for the photoshoot - minus the facials because my sensitive skin cannot withstand too many facial sessions. I don't remember how I managed to coax myself to sleep but somehow managed have enough sleep for the shoot.

    I'm looking forward for your pictures

  4. wai leng, hmm, i hope i can have enough sleep the night before the shooting ;)
    haha, i'm looking forward also.. :D

  5. ahhh.... i like taylor swift's hair too. it's classic and ever lasting.
    and thanks for the well wishes :)

  6. Yvonne, yeah... you're welcome! ;)

  7. im excited for u!! ;) i like the second one.. just simple long curls.. ahaha that is why am keeping my hair long now wtf... dont forget to show us yr beautiful pics k.. im sure its gonna be so awesome!

  8. Cryst, i like that one too!
    hmm, i intend to shed another 1-2kg, but time is so near already hurhur T____T
    i hope it'll be nice! ;) thanks babe..

  9. I'm sure you're very excited about it! I also can't wait to see the pics! I love to see wedding pics! Especially the bride is such a leng lui!
    Where is FT btw???

  10. Shirlexia, FT is France Taipei, i'm going the one at Penang ;)


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