Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Its the heart work that matters

It was EK's birthday last Sunday. time flies huh? i still remember how we celebrated for him last year. with a blink of eyes, he's another year older again.

same thing, i asked what he wants but he said dont know =__= i'm not a creative person so i dint think about how to surprise him, or make him anything special. haha. so, i sticked to the most basic and simplest birthday gift -> baking him a simple birthday cake. must emphasize the word SIMPLE, cause its really simple ;)

lazy to write down the steps already. its almost similar to baking butter cake.

the final product. whipping cream and peaches on top, a heart made by chocolate chips, and happy birthday sign, also sprinkled almond nuts on the side. thats all. this is why i said its simple. the reason is because i dint have much time during the weekend. i was being occupied by some other jobs...
no doubt its simple, but its filled with all the love i could give. i hope u enjoyed it dear. once again, happy birthday and love you always~


  1. The cake looked very nice. I think it looked much better than last year black cake. :)

  2. yan, hehe, i also think that. way to go!

  3. it looks hard for me =.="

  4. celine, hehe. actually its a simple butter cake recipe...


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