Friday, December 11, 2009

Mummy's birthday

It was mummy's birthday(农历生日) yesterday. 2nd bro purposely came back to have a simple celebration with her. big bro couldnt make it as he's tied up with works. so, just the 4 of us, and EK along.

We went to Soon Soon Lye restaurant for dinner.

yummy black and white tofu

crispy duck


steam fish ( there's another lotus soup and 四大天王, forgot to take photos :p)
mummy didnt want us to sing for her at the restaurant, so we went back home lo... ;)
sorry mummy, i couldnt bake a cake for you, so ordered from La Promise bakery. its lychee cake by the way

mummy and daddy

blowing the candle...


Happy birthday mummy! i love you!
妈妈, 我祝你生日快乐, 身体健康. 每天都要开开心心. 我们都长大了, 所以不必为我们操心.
我永远爱你! <3


  1. I'm sure your mother will be very contented to have your brothers and you, besides she is going to have anohter son in law next March. The black tofu and duck looked yummy.

  2. Yan, i know she is ;)
    oo ya, the black tofu seems to be their 招牌菜.
    but the duck, so so only...

  3. belated wishes to ur mum~
    wish her happy birthday and stay healthy~ ;)

  4. Evenly, thank u dear! you're so sweet.. ^__^

  5. ohoh~ you mother's bday falls on the same day as mine ^^

    Happy belated birthday, aunty!

  6. Yvonne, yesterday was her chinese birthday ;)
    thank you!


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