Saturday, December 19, 2009

Please be considerate

While queueing to buy tickets for Avatar last night, i saw something which irritates me. there were a bunch of youngsters(about 6 of them) in front of me and they occupied the whole counter for about 7 minutes (yes i counted!) all the 3 lanes were full with queues that time. i waited impatiently as they were so inconsiderate! mind you, they were talking and laughing loudly. i asked EK to wait there and i walked slightly to the front to check out what's going on. well, why did they stood there for so long? the reason is clear. the ticket seller is a girl. apparently, this bunch of kids were not just choosing their seats, but they flirt and chat with that girl. thats why it took them more than 7 minutes. i gave them a stare and one of them actually realised my existence and i think he told the rest of his peers using their own language. soon after that, they moved away.

then, i saw another couples choosing their seats at the other counter, and it took them some times too. i'm just wondering, is it that difficult to chose your own seats? i mean, its just the 2 of them afterall....

to me, it's just as easy as, telling the seller which movie, what time, how many person, and proceed to chose the seats, confirm everything and pay, and then leave. the whole process should be no more than 4 minutes.


  1. i encountered a number of time having to wait for ppl to make up their mind during buying tickets. it's really annoying. plus, the big cinema management sucks!

  2. yvonne, yea.. they had operate for some times already, should have perform better by now =__=

  3. I know!!!
    There are so many annoying people who don't know how to think about others!

  4. Shirlexia, ya, imagine how peaceful it'll be if everyone were to be more considerate.. hehe..

  5. Such ppl is everywhr la. hate it when there were a group of people discussing which seats to take on the counter. really kns! Just take middle ei can d la. cant decide then decide d oni like up. pek chek with these ppl.

  6. ivy, ya lo.. occupy the counter, as if its theirs.. really feel like telling them to get lost asap.. haha..


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