Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Stop getting sick

Been eating too much heaty food since last week's bbq, and was down with a bad sorethroat during the weekend. thank God the doctor's medicines helped and i'm alright now ;)

today, yahoo homepage attracts me with this title, Stop Getting Sick!
hak, its the right infor at the right time. there're only 6 simple steps to practice:-

1. Be a frequent hand washer
2. Dont forget your hat (keeping yourself warm)
3. Carry your own pen (do not share pen if possible, as it might contains germs and bacterias)
4. Get moving! (exercise!)
5. Countdown to fun
6. Fill your cart smart (stock up on healthier food)

so, stay healthy people!

source from here


  1. Lolx...take care...new year's coming, you don't wana get sick!

  2. Take care lor. Mai eat too much heaty food. hehe... fat fat oso :P

  3. Ivy, ya, will try avoid that! ;)


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