Tuesday, December 15, 2009

This is it

Finally, the day has come.... will be heading up to Penang tonight. photo session is at 9am tomorrow. i hope i can have a good sleep tonight.. i know i know, relax, smile, keep up a good mood, do a nice facial mask and dont drink anything before going to bed etc etc.. i try my best ok... but at this moment, i'm really very nervous.. =__=""
i hope everything will be smooth tomorrow! ;)
i'll see if i can take some personal photos during the shooting ;)

on a very unrelated note, here's some photo taken during our 4 hours shopping at JJ Ipoh last weekend.
it was a super hot day

lunch at a newly open cafe, Kahve cafe. the supervior looks very familiar.. Ek said he's one of the member of the Interact Club Taiping....

ordered set lunch which consist of mushroom soup, ice lemon tea, and hot leg chicken

their hot leg chicken. something like Kenny Roger's... taste ok, but i still prefer Kenny's (ordered another sausege egg omelette but forgot to snap photo... lol)
overall, their food is so so only.. but the cafe's decoration is very garden-liked, me like~
i dint get anything.. but EK did. he got himself a pair of slipper and shoes from AD, and shirt and pant from G2000. crazy sales is on now!! have you started shopping? :p

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