Tuesday, December 8, 2009

When anger strikes.....

*emo post, skip if you dont feel like reading. dont say i dint warn you...*

He: Tell me honestly, you're very free and purposely find things to do is it?
Me: ...... (i can explain, but i dont want to, cause no matter how much i talk/explain, he'll have something else to shoot me)

actually i'm very upset when i heard this. i mean, who wanna hear this kinda impolite words right? no doubt he never treat me nicely, still i dont like people judging me this way. now, who's the one who purposely find things to argue?!

i'm not good in releasing my anger verbally, thats why i chose to curse/complain through updating FB status or blog about it. it might be bad, but at least i feel much better deep down.

sometimes, i really dont understand why some people are like that? purposely say something or do something to torture you and make your life miserable. what did they get in return?? i know people told me, dont let him spoil your day/mood and dont keep his words in heart, this kinda person has no rights to affect your mood, and definetely not worth for me to get angry at. well, of course i dont keep whatever he says in heart, but the moment right after i had the hard time, i'm really very angry and i need to release the anger and emoness (if you know what i mean). but soon, i know i'll be alright.

so to this person, you dont try to be rude to me... not that i'm threatening you, but i strongly believe there's karma one lo, beware of what you say... otherwise who knows, when you get home, you find a snake in your letter box. or when you wake up the next day, you find a bag full with dog shit in front of your house.. or may be one day when you wake up, you realise you lose your voice forever.. hahaha.. when all these happen, it'll be too late for you to regret.. lol...

you see, if you are nice to people, people will eventually nice to you. but when you're not (which he always does), then you're not worth to be treated nicely too! i know sometimes people talk bad things, gossip about others, and sometimes we tend to lose our temper due to certain incidents.. (i admit i'm one of them) but at least learn how to evaluate own self and apologize. this person... he's getting too much!! >=(


  1. I acknowledge your feeling especially during the moment out from the 'death room'. I'm the chatterbox, so I blast everything out and yes, I curse him everyday and I HATE him.

  2. Torture, right, I am using the same word torture in my next blog to describe the way he treated me as well. He is very annoying and irritating. I feel like throwing back to him the buddhist books that he gave to me the other day. Hayley, i can advise you one more time, be strong when you face him again next time, he likes to bully weaker person one. Try to stand straight and look into his eyes when you talk, and talk firmly in whatever you want to say.

  3. Yvonne, i'm sure you can understand how i feel.. and of course you hate him! NOBODY likes him anyway....

    Yan, haha, i'm looking forward to read your blog! usually, when he talks, i tend to look elsewhere wo.. haha, dont know why but i behave like that naturally :p

  4. wah doesn't sound good here o....cool down!!

  5. Erny, haha, thats what the title is about...

  6. 身感同受!!!那些人就是太过无聊才会来惹我们~虽然说不理他们,不要受他们影响...但一从他们靠过来就已经影响到了,因为他们实在太令人讨厌!!!:(

  7. Evenly, 所以我们就尽量发泄吧!然后就告诉自己不要记在心里,不要被这些无聊人影响。我是酱的。希望你也是!

  8. Hayley,

    You like to look elsewhere when you talk to him as you lack of confidence when you deal directly with him, and he can sense that you are scared of him. So he bully you lo!

  9. Yan, i mean when he talks to me, i tend to look elsewhere cause i dont feel like listen to him. but when i'm the one who do the talking, i'll look straight to his eyes.


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