Sunday, December 6, 2009

Yokoso Japan Day Five

Woke up early, headed to 32nd floor in the hotel to have breakfast. Keihan hotel is one of my favourite hotel during the trip. its class and the scenery is simply breathtaking.

the night before this, Koh (our tour guide) told us to have our breakfast as early as possible, as it was a Saturday and crowds will be expected.

us at 29th floor

true enough, the traffic was terrible. the highway was jam, many buses and vehicles. we took nearly 3 hours just to get to Kyoto =__="" even the rest stop were packed! there was a long queue outside both the ladies and gents!
finally, after go through the bad jam, we reached Golden Pavilion (金閣寺). it is a three-story building on the grounds of the Rokuon-ji temple complex and the top two stories of the pavilion are covered with pure gold leaves (photo below).

beautiful autumn leaves...

top: us in front of the 160 year old pine tree (松树)
bottom: us sitting on rich chair (贵人座)

entrance ticket is in a form of a lucky charm

after that, we headed for our lunch at Tofu restaurant, situated at mount Kiyomizu.

all are fresh, smooth, yummy tofus.... slurppp~

after lunch, we walked around Kiyomizu temple. loads of people since it was a weekend.


Kiyomizu is also a beautiful place

there are 2 rows of shop lots selling local ceramics and other interesting local souvenirs

leaving the place, the driver fetched us to Kyoto station, where we experienced a 12 minutes bullet train ride to Osaka.
the bullet train (新幹線) is really cool! speed at 300km/h

upon reaching Osaka, we headed to our dinner at Shinsaibashi.

crabs feast again. dessert was my all time favourite, green tea vanilla ice cream!!

i rushed EK for shopping during the dinner. haha, time was too short, only about 2 hours, most of the shops close at 8.30PM imagine that... i have to say, i need at least half day in order to shop at Shinsaibashi. there are just ALOT of shops here. many trendy boutiques and personal care stores. their clothes are so nice! their boots and heels attract me the most. but unfortunately, they are damn pricey. a pair of heels cost about RM 200 =__= however, i managed to grab one long sleeve tee from UNIQLO for myself.

a few tour members invited us to walk around USJ. but both of us decided to rest early.. it was a tired day... back to the hotel room, i counted all the souvenirs which i've bought. this is to make sure i dint miss buying souvenirs for anyone, since i only have one more day to shop before leaving Japan


  1. Thanks for the souvenirs. The Japanese junkfood that you bought was so yummy and special. Love it!

  2. Yan, you're welcome! i love them too!!


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