Saturday, December 5, 2009

Yokoso Japan Day Four

random photos outside the hotel

after checked out, we were driven to airport for our domestic flight to Itami. this trip, we managed to experience bus ride, domestic flight, ferry ride and also bullet train ride (which i will blog in the next post)
random photos in the bus after reaching

after 30 mins of domestic flight, we were driven to Keihan Universal Tower Hotel to have our lunch. as the rooms were only available from 3pm onwards, we decided to play at Universal Studio Japan (USJ) first. it's a theme park of Hollywood and Florida which is opened in Osaka waterfront area. in case you dint know, USJ is only about 5 mins walk from the hotel.
nice buildings around the hotel, trust me, you'll love this place..

entrance ticket is selling at 5800 Yen (RM220). it sounds expensive right? but i think it's worth as there are loads of things to see and play inside. we played from 2pm til 6pm. but 4 hours isnt enough! i dint even step into all the souvenir gift shops!

with snowman, Ernie from sesame street and santa claus. as Xmas is approaching, there are many nice Xmas decor around the place. the theme park is big, about 140 acre.

USJ has about 18 fantastic rides and show, also great dining cafes and shopping. we even got the express tickets where we dont have to queue for shows like Jurassic Parks, Jaws, Spiderman, Terminator and roller coaster ride etc etc

in the end, EK and i managed to watch waterworld show, spiderman, jurassic park and jaws. wanted to watch terminator too but the show time is too late. next, i joined the rest of the tour members for the exciting roller coaster ride! EK wasnt there as he's afraid of it. i must say it's one of the best roller coaster ride i've had so far!!

as evening approached, we had no choice but to leave USJ, as tour leader told us to gather at the lobby at 7pm to go for our dinner.

during dinner. here, i tasted the 'mei jiu' (美酒) which they said is good for lady. it tasted like liquor but not that strong and it has a nice scent of cherry. it also consist of low alcohol level. i really like this drink!

walked around USJ before heading back to room

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