Monday, December 7, 2009

Yokoso Japan Day Six and Seven: Sayonara Japan

Day Six

Our second last day here :(
after breakfast, we visited 白鹤 sake factory. we dint see the actual process of how sake is made, instead we watched a 10 mins slide show.

there are a few sections in the building where they display mannequins and the processes in making sake.
it was a cold morning

next, we went to Mosaic mall at Kobe, and had our lunch there.random photos nearby the mall. this place has alot of restaurants and gift shops
our bbq lunch. EK had kobe beef, said to be the finest beef around the world, he said it was really good! i dont eat beef, so i chose pork, also very nice~ besides that, there are side dishes too like salad and crabs

Ryuen is the restaurant where we had our bbq lunch

after the filling lunch, we proceed to Osaka castle located at Chuo-ku.
here, it started to rain. luckily there were enough umbrellas in the bus ;)
in order to reach the castle, we had to walk/climb about 2km up the slope =__="". the Osaka castle is more like a museum to me. it has videos, photos, displays about the history of Japan. no camera is allowed so i couldnt take any photos to show you...

leaving Osaka castle, the driver brought us to town area to do our final round of shopping. we shopped at Daimaru shopping complex for about 2 hours+, before proceed to our dinner.

another japanese style of chinese cuisine

Koh surprised us that night with 3 of her japanese traditional dances. Koh is really a professional and talented tour guide, she's from Taiwan and had been staying at Japan for more than 20 years. she can speak fluent mandarin and japanese and english, she can talk and she knows most of the japan history, she can joke and she can dance.. most importantly, she is a responsible and dedicated tour leader. i swear if i happen to go Japan again, i'll definetely ring her up!

birthday celebration for Sagittarius people

Day Seven

last day :(
after packing and having our breakfast, we bid farewell to Koh. we were then reached Kansai International airport and boarded the flight to Singapore at 11am. transitted to KLIA in the evening and here, bid farewell to all the tour members. til we meet again!

to me, Japan is really a nice country. the people there are very polite and hardworking. the weather and food is nice too!

one last photo, things i able to get for myself


  1. super nice and enjoyable trip~ *envy envy*
    I got to work hard to earn more money so that can have a real trip to there~ ;p
    thanks for the sharing... awaits for the next... ;)

  2. evelyn, no worries, if there's a will there's a way... i'm sure you can!!

  3. Hi Hayley.

    i'm Fara and I really enjoy reading your post on your trip to Japan. I'm actually the creator of and I write regularly for the blog. I was hoping I could feature a post regarding the best thing that you've experience while you're in Japan, under the journal column of my blog. I'll really appreciate the help

    Thanks in advance :) anyway, nice pictures.


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