Friday, December 4, 2009

Yokoso Japan Day Three

after breakfast and checked out, we snapped some photos outside the hotel. then we visited Mountain Pool and Sea Hot Spring, situated not far from the hotel.

us at 海地狱

us at 山地狱

mini zoo at 山地狱

next, we headed to our lunch.

japanese style of chinese cuisine. the honeyed sweet potato is very yummy~

after that, we reached Fukuoka and visited Dazaifu Temmangu Shrine. it's Japan's foremost shrine which said is dedicated to the God of learning. everything is so pretty there!
bought one green tea ice cream at the shop there, 280 Yen. super yummy!!

leaving this shrine, we were driven to Canal City mall for a 2 hours shopping.

beautiful Xmas deco in the mall. i bought 2 tops and a sling bag from Zara. thats all.

then we proceed to check in to Hyatt Regency Hotel (forgot to snap photos). later that evening, we went for our dinner.
crabs, big prawns, raw salmon sushi....

some photos with the people there

that summarized our 3rd day in Japan. Universal Studio Japan post is coming up next! stay tune!


  1. Hayley, day 3 you wore specs, why? Your eyes tired izzit?

  2. Yan, ya lo, eyes tired.. so choose to wear spec...

  3. shirlexia, almost same lo.. if buy at Spain/Europe country then cheap!


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