Thursday, December 3, 2009

Yokoso Japan Day Two

Sorry for the long wait, letmi continue with the Japan trip post now!

breakfast at the hotel after check out. they has got a variety of dishes. japanese cuisine as well as western style. but my ultimate favourite is... cornflakes + coco crunch with milk!! :D

after breakfast, we were driven to a port. here, we took a 10 mins ferry ride from Shimabara to Kumamoto. feeding the cute seagulls on the ferry. loads of them, flying and hunting for food.. it was a cold morning too! and oh, that little girl on the bottom right, she's so cute!!

upon reaching, we stopped by Kumamoto castle to take some photos. there were alot of school kids there, enjoying their picnic...

then, we headed for our lunch.

katsudon and tempura set. both of them taste great!!

after lunch, we were driven to Aso Kuju National park to visit the Mount Aso, the largest active volcano in Japan. its a far journey and the bus need to be driven to the top.

from far, we could see the volcano smoke. when we eventually approached the volcano, the smell is awful. and its poisonous too. thats why i wore the mask.

but its a once in life time experience to have such a close contact with an active volcano! and mind you, it was zero celsius up there!!

next, we took about 10 mins bus ride going down the hill. then we reached a fruit farm where we were offered to self pluck their apples. each of us were given 2 free apples. anything more than 2 must be paid. so, i only plucked 2. it was fun! all the apples are so big, red and sweet!! fresh from farm!

it was already evening when we left the fruit farm. the driver took us to Suginoi Hotel at Beppu for check in. some views of the hotel room.

after the buffet dinner at the hotel, we changed into Yukatas, which were provided by the hotel, rest for a while, and headed to the hot spring bath.

no cameras are allowed so i couldnt take any photos. but just to share with you, the hot spring bath is awesome! it's so relaxing.. it has indoor and outdoor and the place is big! everyone were naked, of course men and women were separated la! we were told to have a clean shower first before hitting the hot spring pool

we were there for about 20 mins and everyone went back to the room to have a good sleep... EK went out for beer session with the rest and me, sleeping soundly on my bed ;)


  1. I then wonder how Cheeserland managed to take pictures inside the hot spring? Was the outdoor scene the same as her blog?

  2. wai leng, i also dont know. may be hers was private hot spring so its ok. the one i went is shared, so may be thats why.


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