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Leaving office in 30 minutes time.
and hopefully, can enjoy the weekend with my girl friends from KL.
i have 2 dinners to attend this weekend, this is going to add figures to my weight :0
in fact, its only about 2 months away to my wedding photo shooting :/

but anyway, happy merdeka to you! :D

Peace of mind

With regards to the previous post, i want to thank you all for giving me encouragement! it means alot to me. i always doing my best to have confident and faith in my relationship, it just that i dont like seeing her around, trying to minimise the contact between my hubby and her ma...
anyway, i should just be more confident in myself. knowing that he chosed me for some reasons, nothing should comes in between us! ;)

at last... the long weekend is here! our initial planning is to go KL but its has been cancelled. all thanks to H1N1 la! i have been thinking of other places to visit during this weekend. i've suggested Pangkor, Pantai, Penang(kek lok si or Fraser Hill), Damai Laut etc. all are slightly nearer. but nobody seems to be interested. i asked EK a few times but he dint give me any response. FINE! i became fed up i dont want to plan anymore. we might as well just stay at Taiping or at home, doing some typical activities like watching 我猜我猜我猜猜or lepaking at Taiping Sentral withou…


Today, i'm going to talk about something, sensitive.
(note: if you notice my FB status today, you should know what i'm trying to say...)

i know a friend, through some friends of mine. she looks ok(not ugly, but OK). i'm not very close with her, but we do see each other once a while.
what i'm trying to say is, i dont really like her. so sorry but i have to say this. i dont enjoy her company during any gathering. she did something a few times which really irritates me.
too bad, i have to meet her also. and all i do is to pretend she's not around and keep an eye on her and my hubby. and this happens when I AM AROUND. (sounds confusing right? pretend she's not around but still have to keep an eye on her.. lol)
what happen when i'm NOT AROUND? gosh only God knows.
it seems like i'm the only one who bother about what she does. but i do have a girl friend who has almost the similar thought as me. ok, at least i know i'm not thinking too much!

sigh, i really want …

An unwelcome dream

Catherine, Samantha and i were supposed to look after the house. suddenly the light went off. the whole house was so dark.. out of sudden we got a mini torchlight in our hands. we switched it on and decided to stay together until the light come back..

i was pointing my torchlight around and suddenly, a figure wearing white shirt and blue skirt stood there on my left. it was so scary i screamed out loud. but the funniest thing was, i remembered shouting to her 'who are you?! answer me!!'
the next thing i know, that figure flied towards me! i was screaming and shouting like mad!

but thank God i was awaken by then! wiped my sweat and felt slightly relief that it was JUST A DREAM! a bad dream to be exact. and thanks to that bad dream, i stayed awake for about 1 hour before i could fell asleep again @__@

yes you are right. i dream of ghost last night! ghost as in 'kuai', 'gui',鬼, hantu, Obake(お化け)...
a random photo of me, in case you forgot how i look.

7 don'ts after a meal

Running outta topics to blog. just wanna share some useful infor with you.

Dont smoke
Experiments by experts have proved that smoking a cigarette after a meal is comparable to smoking 10 cigarettes so your chance of cancer are higher
(good for me! as i dont smoke and in fact, i hate smoking!)

Dont eat fruits immediately
Consuming fruits immediately will cause your stomach to be bloated with air. Take fruits one to two hours after, or an hour before your meal
(well, i guess i'll have to start adopting this tip)

Dont drink tea
Tea leaves contain a high acidic content, causing the protein that we consume to be hardened, and thus difficult to digest
(but we, especially ladies, tend to drink tea after a meal. believing that tea will wash away our fats =_=)

Dont loosen your belt
Loosening the belts after a meal will cause the intestine to be easily twisted and blocked
(i think a wiser choice will be wearing anything loose during our meal ^__^)

Dont bathe
Bathing causes the increase of blood flow to …

All the way UP!


A young Carl Fredrickson meets a young adventure spirited girl named Ellie. They both dream of going to a Lost Land in South America. 70 years later, Ellie has died. Carl remembers the promise he made to her. Then, when he inadvertently hits a construction worker, he is forced to go to a retirement home. But before they can take him, he and his house fly away. However he has a stowaway aboard. An 8 year old boy named Russell, whose trying to get an assisting the elderly badge. Together, they embark in an adventure, where they encounter talking dogs, an evil villain and a rare bird named Kevin.

source from here

i'm really impressed at what technology can do nowadays. the graphics and all the character movements are so real!

rating: 3.5/5

Heritage 1981 fashion

I'm in lurve with shirt dress! :D

my favourite of all !!

but i'm so broke right now T____T how arr?

pictures from here

Its that time of the year....

In case you dint know, yesterday was the 1st day of chinese Hungry Ghost Festival(农历七月). the month July in Lunar calendar happens to be the most pantang and spooky month of all...:/

i always wonder about the existence of those things.. i've heard about people whom they say they can see those things with their bare eyes. i always wonder how does that feels.. touchwoodtouchwoodla, dont get me wrong, i dont mean i wanna have that kinda power i'm just purely curious.

people also say, as long as we dont interfere and do anything bad with them, then we'll be fine. i dont know how true is this and i dont even know whether that thing exist, but this is what i always practice. i mean, just being me and dont touch anything bad. by saying this i mean DONT engage in activities like:-
-exploring haunted house
-telling/listening ghost stories
-watching ghost movies
-playing ghost games(灵魂钱)
-looking back when hearing someone's calling our names from the back(especially at night)
-etc etc


Be bothered

I feel better today. been having fever, sorethroat and blocked nose since Monday :/ i was kinda worry, i checked with the company clinic dr on that morning itself. temperature was at 36.5C and dr said its fine. call me kiasi but i'd do anything just to prevent from getting the popular H1N1 thingy... its something which can take our life away so i think we should pay serious attention to it.i passed by the town clinics few nights ago and i saw some shocking scenes. most of the clinics are packed, people even queued outside the clinic! situation is getting more and more serious and our health could be at stake. i really hope this H1N1 pandemic can come to a stop soon. take care everyone!

Another cooking attempt

Note: Happy 6th anniversary to you my dear! time flies and its been 6 years! ;)

It suppose to be a happy day today. but i'm down with fever, sorethroat and runny nose. FML.
temperature at 36.5, dr said its fine. but i did planned to take MC this morning when i woke up.

fine, cut the craps.

i cooked lamb chop and chicken chop last weekend ;) its some sorta present for EK as today is our special day. i chose to celebrate earlier as i have more time in preparing the ingredients.

i bought 4 lamb loins from Tesco. but the next time, i better dont buy from there anymore as they're not so fresh. the town market will be a wiser option ;)

boneless chicken thigh from tesco as well. i marinated them with BBQ sauce and some pepper and kept them refrigerated overnight.

TADA! chicken chop for me and mum. first attempt of mine in cooking chops. i heat some baked beans and arranged cucumber and tomato too!

dear's lamb chop, with french fries! ;) i dont know how the lamb tasted exactly as i do…

Yet another movie reviews

Its about a battle between human beings and aliens. Wikus (Sharlto Copley) who works for MNU, was appointed as the person who is responsible to get all the aliens' signatures and move about 1.8 millions of aliens to a new camp site, District 10.
in the midst of investigating, he found a cylinder which suddenly squicks some black liquid onto his face. from then, he started to feel unwell and eventually, his left arm transformed into a claw which looks like 'prawn'.
he is then betrayed by his father in law and becomes a refugees. he works with one of the alien(Christopher) who promised him to cure his arm, which going to take 3 years.
in the end, the aliens managed to go back to where they belong, but Wikus, suffers the consequences and mutated into an alien...

the whole aliens thing is very real, they made it as if the aliens really existed on earth. i felt very pitiful for Wikus. imagine one day, you notice parts of your body slowly turns into some alien thingy, and there is n…


For the first time, i dont know what should i blog about.
its Saturday and is my working day. its still very bored even though its only half day =__=
all i hope now is the clock please tick faster and let me go home ;)

have a great weekend!!

Almost there..

Its been like a month plus since the renovation started.

just some painting and fixing the electrical thingy, then we can proceed with choosing the right furnitures ;) but due to space constraint, my ideal walk in closet wont be that BIG T__T well, may be its a good way of reminding myself to control shopping on clothes :/

Knowing what your name means...

I found this cool site from Cheeserland. its called anagrams and it can explain to you what your name actually means..
i keyed in Hayley Ong and this is what it returns.. 'eh! on gayly' FML. does it means i'm gay ar? :/

next i try 'york mei' and it returns 'I'm. Or key'. ok, i'll interpret it as I'M OK. thats more like it ;)
go try! its fun.. you can even try out other people's names whom you like/dont like.
eg: i try keyed in somebody's name and it returns 'not nag king' but i totally not agree with this! that person is a real nag king!

Our Life

*click to enlarge*
so true ho? :/

Random is my thing

Weekend was a busy one. went to Penang for PC Fair and some shopping at QB. i know its very risky now to go to crowded public places, but this is our plan since few weeks back so... ;)

EK bought me a cute mickey mouse MP3 ;) thank you love!
got myself only ONE top from Forever 21 (read: ONE) should i be proud on managed to control my spending? *grin*
but there's a reason behind. EK told me not to shop too much this time, better save for this Merdeka shopping at KL =__=

watched G.I.Joe last Friday and i'm so in love with Duke(Channing Tatum)!!

actually i like him from the movie Step Up, but the feeling grow even stronger after i watched G.I.Joe. *blush* uhm dont feel like elaborating the movie further as its very high-end. you can try google it or better, watch it! overall its one great movie! ^__^
rating: 4/5

I’m Addicted to Olay Game

To me, Olay is a very old time brand of skin care product. i think its very famous ever since my mum's time.
recently i found out this contest of them through Nuffnang. its specially dedicated for all Nuffnangers.

the prizes that you could win:

the contest is very easy, all you need to do is
1. Play the online game here and then take the final screenshot of your highest score.
2. Write a blog post titled “I’m Addicted to Olay Game” and post the screenshot in the blog post.
3. Tag 5 of your friends in the post and challenge them to beat your score.
4. Send in an email to with the permalink of your blog post.

my final score is 5120, not sure is it enough? anyway, you can try to beat me! contest ends at 31st august so hurry!

here, i tag Ivy, Yan, Yvonne, Angeline and Evelyn (sorry some of you might need to register as a Nuffnanger first)

good luck!! :D

Guiling gao(龟苓膏)

aka herbal turtle jelly?
i know what you're thinking.. what? jelly again?! 1st attempt was laichee jelly, 2nd was orange jelly, and this is the 3rd. but please dont call me jelly queen, i just thought that cooking always starts with something simple and fast. lol. (ok i admit, excuses for lazy bump like me)
i swear the next project wont be jelly anymore ok! ;)

all you need are 5 sachets of guiling gao powder, 250g of rock sugar and approximately 1 liter of water.
dissolve 250g rock sugar in 945ml of water. boil them.

meanwhile, dissolve all the powder into 236ml of cold water and mix them. be sure to whisk them slowly to prevent the powder from clotting.

next, pour all the mixture into the sugar syrup and blend them well. fire off.

pour them into serving cups. make sure you do this step quick as the mixture will coagulate fast once remove from heat. so prepare the cups in advance. for better taste, i pour some brown sugar syrup on top of the jelly once they are cold. alternatively…

Baby + orange jelly + randoms

Its been half a year since i last met Yen. since she came back from Genting lately so i paid her a visit. i miss her baby boy so much!!

his name is 承轩. see my happy face haha cause he dint want me to carry him in the beginning =( but after some times, i succeeded! :D (please ignore my flabby arm)

but still failed to make him smile to the camera :/

entertaining himself it was a typical Sunday. nothing to do so camwhore in the car(again). hello pimples wtf.

Walley and Fifi approached, they must be thinking i brought them food hmm.. i tell you these 2 fei poh(s) can really eat ALOT.. but usually Fifi will finish all the food as Walley is a picky eater finally i made this orange jelly!
1. gather about 850ml of fresh orange juice. keep the hollow orange and set aside. 2. put some pandan leaves in 1.65l of boiling water. pour in the jelly powder and keep stiring. 3. add in sugar and taste. 4. take out the pandan leaves and pour in all the orange juice. fire off. 5. stir the mixture for a while a…

Weekend filled with movies

Overheard (窃听风云)
Starring Lau Ching Wan, Louis Koo and Daniel Wu.

A major stock exchange in the world, Hong Kong attracts not only money but any who try to manipulate the market. At the Hong Kong Police Force Commercial Crime Bureau, an operation is underway to infiltrate a trading company, Feng Hua International where a man, nicknamed “Boss” is the chief suspect.The team, led by Inspector Leung (Lau Ching Wan) together with Yeung (Louis Koo) and Lam (Daniel Wu) install interception devices to monitor the company’s communications. When a crucial information on a surging share were intercepted, a moment of greed led the team in a cross fire between the Bureau and the boss.

anyway, i was a little emo at the end of the movie. it was a sad ending T___T the moral of the movie is clearly delivered. people who did bad things, will eventually suffer from the consequences. and sometimes, it not only happen on the person himself, but as well as the closest family and friends.
rating: 4/5


God please give me power

I got a wish.
a wish so that i can revenge on people whom i hate. something very powerful to let that person to forever feel deeply regret/sorry/guilty on the bad things that he has done.

i'm talking about the bastard who stalked me few months ago.

its been 4 months since the incident but everything is still fresh in my mind. i keep telling myself not to remember and let go. but its so hard ok! its not that i like him nor that i know him... but the thing is, when something/someone irritates you, it will be there sticking like UHU glue in ur memory. the worst part is, I KEEP SEEING HIM EVERY NOW AND THEN ON THE ROAD!! (especially on the way to work)

i consider this as a freaking nightmare to me. i can easily recognise him from far. i can easily recall his fcking plat number. i hate him alot and am cursing him every minute. but why God? why did You create that kinda fate between us??
i definetely dont appreciate it! >=(

i already adjusted my time to leave home to work hoping to get rid…