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Welcoming 2011

Today's a public holiday but still I'm working. Hopefully things will go smooth and I'll not need to report to work this weekend ;)
Anyway, today's also the last day of 2010, as usual, I'll do a quick glance of what I've done/achieved throughout the whole year...

Of course the biggest achievement for me this year is my marriage with a man I've been dating for 7 years.

Also, attended Black Dog Society (BDS) official event at Cameron Highland.

Went to some make up transfomation:

classical beauty contest which won me consolation prize

Kose transformation

Besides, I also sharpened my make up skills by attending a make up course

In November, I visited my dream land, Paris :D

Also, London ;)

So any new year resolutions? I hope I can learn to relax more and handle stress better! And I wish to spend more time with my family!
And how do you celebrate new year's eve? I'm heading KL tonight for a short stay and also to watch some fireworks ^^
Here wishing you, happy new y…

Day 363 of 2010

2 more days and its new year!! At this point of time, I'm supposed to be happy to welcome the new year. Unfortunately, colleagues and I were hit by a very bad news since last week, we HAVE TO come back to work this weekend due to some project (T_T x1000times) image from here

Anyway, I think I'm slightly better than the rest because I only need to be in on Sunday (but that is already upsetting enough). Having to work on weekend/public holiday is really a disaster!!
And to my colleagues, since there's nothing we can do, let's just pray that everything will be smooth and we are allowed to go home earlier........

Christmas 2010

I think most of you had an enjoyable and happening Christmas, right? As for me, I dint really celebrate.... However, I engaged in my favourite hobby, singing! haha :D

1st of all.....
a nice thoughtful Christmas gift from one of my gal friend, Cherry. sweett~

a picture of hubb and I (my favourite photo)

and a photo of us girls ^^ l-r: Karen, Sze Leng (new friend), Cindy, Tingki, yours truly

alcohol takes effect, hubb started to do crazy things like lift me up =_="

and a sweet kiss as Christmas gift? thats it??

yum seng~

lovely couples

so we sang, took some photos, played some dice games and the guys drink
last but not least....

guess what? Its milo with beer, dare to challenge? =_= (I hope you dint puke after seeing this photo.....)
It was already 2am when we left, thats how I celebrated my Christmas this year. Though it wasnt really a big celebration, but I spent it with my best buddies and we had fun! Dont worry, hubb dint drink and drive, I drove in the end :)

A tired Monday

Hello my dear readers! Hows your Christmas weekend? Received alot of presents?

I've just came back from company's stock check which was abit tedious compared to the last round =_= My whole body smells like tyre now, LOL :D

Anyway, time flies today and I cant wait to go home and sleep early tonight! ;)
Hope you're having a great Monday ^^

Merry Merry Christmas!

Christmas is approaching.... I always love this day, especially those nice Christmas songs!

I'd like to wish all my readers Merry Christmas! ^^
I prepared some small gifts to be given to my gal friends ;) after wrapping, I realised they actually look abit like durian, hahahahah :D But hey, its the thoughts that counts right!
So how do you celebrate this day? til then, enjoy your Christmas weekend!

My lurve towards karaoke

After attending Boon and Pei's wedding reception, some of us went for 2nd round of entertainment at New Box Karaoke.
I'm alright with karaoke anytime simply because I love to sing!! :D

some of us that night (yep, I was the only lady)

joining the guys to sing along...

they had tones of fun singing and shouting! (you know la, the alcohol effects) And thats Jackie dancing in front

same goes to my hubby who doesnt sing AT ALL last time

you see you see, syok sendiri :P

hubby used to dislike going karaoke last time because he doesnt sing. However, (I think) he started to like it now after much influence from his gang

duet with him ^^

photos credit to Jackie (who is now back to Sabah)


some people got tired eventually, and some people were still full with energy
It was already 1am, and hubby gotto work the next day......

so we bid farewell to the gang.... I was smart enough to apply first half day leave in advance for the next day, kekekeke :P
So do you and your partner like singing…

Happy Winter Solstice

All I want now, is a bowl of warm and sweet tang yuan :(

image from here
Anyway, I wish all my readers, Happy Winter Solstice! 冬至快乐! We're a year older now!

冬至快乐 ·•♥
╭☆╮╭★╮╭☆╮╭★╮╭☆╮ ╭★╮
║祝║║您║║冬║║至║║快║ ║樂║
╰★╯╰☆╯╰★╯╰☆╯╰★╯ ╰☆╯
* * ♫ ° ﹒♫ ﹒*﹒‧°*∴*♫ *°♫ *♫ ° *♫

Of friends and food

The newly wed (Boon and Pei) invited us to a simple dinner celebration last Friday, at Soon Soon Lye restaurant, as to show his appreciation towards our helps in making their BIG day so happening and fun! haha :D

And now, I shall just let the pictures do the talking.

1. satay prawns

2. deep fried sweet sour chicken

3. ku lou yok with yam (yam is my favourite!)

4. deep fried sotong

5. curry prawns with bun

6. stir fry yao mak

7. clear vege soup

8. oo kao pai kut (Guinness pork rib)
And now, some photos of us who attended that night...
little Zhi Yi, baby of Tony and Cheery


boy and girls guys

hmmm guess you know who :P

lastly, a photo of us the girls to end the post

we're looking forward to this 31st Dec as we're heading down to KL in 3 cars. This will be the 2nd official event of Black Dog Society (BDS)! Our 1st event was to Cameron Highland which you can read here.

Boon & Pei's BIG day (Part II)

Continuation on their BIG day! It was a lovely Sunday~

the newly wed spent some times creating the lovely wedding invitation cards...

reserved for the Black Dog Society (BDS) members ;)

the bride's niece, looks like korean baby right!

here's me and Cheery, a mum of a 4 months old baby ^^

with Emelyn as well


with Tingki (top) and Cindy (bottom)

left: Karen, right: Ting

hubby's crazy acts =_="

yummm sengg~
and then the couple arrived at the hall......
Pei in her pretty red gown

they're such a young couple! she's 21 and he's 25

and then hubby went crazy.... :0

who would you vote for? haha :D

here's the decent us.. hehe

yours truly, I like this photo!


us again (hope you're not bored!)

thats some of the BDS gang

girls with the newly wed

last but not least, hubby and I with them..
It was truly a fun event! Congrats to the both of them again!! ;)