Sunday, January 31, 2010

Things that bad bosses do

I have always wonder the existence of an ideal boss in this world =_= if there's no ideal boss, at least, a good boss.
Yahoo has once again given me a good insight on this interesting topic.
so, please go through the lists below:

Things that bad bosses do:

1. Dont know your job
Bingo! absolutely totally exactly RIGHT! in my opinion, a boss must know what his staff knows, but his staff doesnt necessarily need to know what his boss knows. agree? because he is the boss, i'm sure he has more knowledge and experiences, so, he ought to understand his staff's job scopes. furthermore, a boss earn more than us ;)

2. Dont listen
Another great example. a boss should at least try to listen to his staff, be it work-related or personal issues. what i mean by listen here is to let the staff finish talking and try to understand the situation and respect everyone's ideas/comments.

3. Close minded
A bad boss only agrees to what he thinks and says, yea, close minded. if you ask your staff to speak up, then please trust him/her and dont doubt about his/her jobs. if you dont plan to trust him/her, dont ask them to talk. its that simple.

4. Poor preparation
It could be emergency meetings or emergency explanation to other dept heads.. etc etc. everybody has their own roles and its not too much for a boss to help out a little, i think.

5. Not building skills
Dont take responsibility lightly. you are a boss, you lead the department and staffs, so show a good example and you'll eventually be respected and loved.

so, are you having a bad boss? :P

great source from here

Friday, January 29, 2010

First Yee Sang of the year

Colleagues were attracted by Sushi King's Yee Sang promotion so off we went there yesterday during lunch time.
we ordered the small one for the 4 of us

Yan and Yvonne enjoying their sushi(s)

ta da~ yummy yee sang! Chinese believes that yee sang represents abundance and prosperity. the higher you toss, the greater the fortunes!

all of us! the place was empty even it was lunch hour, the place was occupied by 3 tables of Silverstonians haha

Yvonne and Lorita ordered Frunchie Peach

the conveyor belt was quite empty yesterday T.T
i'm planning to drag EK along for another round of sushi ;) but it's going to take some hardwork as he's not a sushi lover =_=

Thursday, January 28, 2010

CNY house decoration

We're celebrating our first CNY at our new house this year! it's nice to have some CNY decorations around the house. Yan has blogged about her house decoration here, so i'm thinking to blog about the similar thing too! but unlike her, mine is alot simpler. mummy doesnt like complicated things at home, so we always keep things simple and convenient.

cute lions at the dining hall

gong xi fa cai couplet at the entrance door

pineapple (ong lai in Hokkien) decoration which is to hang at the garage.. we believe that pineapple represent 'ong' which means wealth ;)

simple CNY charms and DIY fish (年年有余)

last but not least, red curtain with the word 福 along the window

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Double celebration

It's such a rare occasion that this year's Valentine is also the first day of CNY! double the happiness! ;)

so, to celebrate CNY or Valentine? you ask. to me, i'd say its more to CNY. i'm seeing EK almost everyday so basically there's nothing special with V-day.
but its a different story with CNY because i can has ang pau(s)!! basically the last year i can receive ang pau =_= i know, stop reminding me, i will remember to give ang pau starting next year so dont you worry ;)

ok back to V-day, i remember i've stop buying EK anything since last year. i really running outta ideas on what to buy, so might as well just save some money :P may be get him something bigger one shot ;)

when ask about my ideal valentine celebration, i would prefer having a fine dining at home rather than going out. i think its fun to have some cooking together, regardless of our cooking skills ;) but until today, we hardly have this chance yet as both of us are still living with our parents. perhaps we'll have to wait until we get own home.

17 more days to go and i cant wait already! ;)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Daorae Korean BBQ

After reading Ivy's hard-selling of how nice Daorae is, we decided to give it a try ;)

enjoy being the passengers ;)

dropped by Gurney Plaza first. bought this yummy ShiLin's tempura as our tea time snacks ;)

it was evening when we left Gurney Plaza. headed to Daorae situated at Tanjung Tokong, which is about 5 minutes from Gurney Plaza.
friendly Nepalese welcomed us while we were parking our car.. he ran to us which was abit shocking to us.. haha... there was a tall man standing near the entrance and greeted us with anehasayo (nice day/welcome) i think he's Korean ;)

it was still early so there werent many customers yet. this is the cooker hood which is available on every table, it sucks up the smoke from the BBQ. how thoughtful! we doesnt have to worry about the bad odour now!

tatami style

WN and Annie while waiting for the food to come...

Hubby and i

the menu. basically they have quite alot of dishes..

sauces, free steamed egg and appetizer beef soup and some vege

refillable side dishes

clockwise from top left: pancake (free), Dderk Bokgi (fried rice cake)-RM30, barley juice (free) and Kimchi Jeon Gol (Kimchi-based steamboat)-RM50

Woo Sam Kyup, sliced marbled beef. RM 45

Saeng Deung Shim, scotch beef fillet. RM 65

Hanbang Dweji Wang Galbi, pork marinated with Korean ginseng and sweet soy sauce. RM 35. yummy!
so many food to eat!! we were all damn full lo... my jeans were obviously tighten :(

with his lansi face

we couldnt finish all the food =_= lesson learnt already..
friendly Nepalese greeted us kamsamida (thank you) when we left the place. started our journey back home, with our tummy fully loaded..
overall, i'm pretty satisfy with the warm services and food. although its abit pricey, i think it's worth a try ;)
Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant
No. 104, Jalan Tanjung Tokong,
10470 Pulau Pinang.
Tel: 04-8913616

Monday, January 25, 2010


- having the jobs learnt in only 2 months with no proper training, only verbal training by ex staff
- bearing most of the blames and fine scolding when things go wrong
- receiving and solving user complaints
- self exploration by researching online and self-study

i just realise today that, i'm being too over protected.

OSIM today!

Mondays have always been the most boring and laziest day for working people like me, especially after getting a fine scolding/blaming/tea session from someone i hate. i sometimes have this emoness thinking about working when Sunday eventually ends. i dint know how bad Monday is until i started working...

anyway, i believe there're always solutions to beat the typical Monday blues. for once i read an article, it says to combat the Monday blueness, try to lay out your working attire/uniforms and pack your breakfast/lunch ready on Sunday night. with these things ready, you may eventually sleep a little more on Monday morning ;)

besides, i have a practice which is to complete as much task as possible on Friday. with this, i have less work to worry about on Monday. eg: i will usually finish my weekly plan on Friday. fyi, there's a need for all MIS staffs here to submit their weekly plans online to boss every Monday before 10am. i dont know about you but here, i have to :(
basically i'll have to write down what i plan to do for the coming week, targeted working duration and targeted completion date. all of these must equals to 40 hours for a 5-days-work and 44 hours if i'm working on that Saturday. i know this might be a good practice but i admit, i hate it very much!

Also, try to plan something special/nice on Monday night, fine dining or shopping with a friend, go to the once-a-week night market, watching favourite dramas/DVD etc etc. it's always easier if we have something to look forward to.

share with me if you have other better ideas ;)
have a happy blue monday ^_^

Saturday, January 23, 2010

A heroic

A friend's mum nearly lose her bag to two malay snatch thieves two days ago. it happened near Plaza MPT, Jalan Kelab Cina. this road is very dark at night and sometimes tend to be quiet. there're even a few indian guys whom are self-employed to collect parking fees from you. EK always reminded me not to give them a single cent because they'll only take the money to buy drugs or sniff glue.

i'm sure these 2 fellas had already marked on aunty and grabbed her bag when chances came. according to this friend, one of the guy ran down and grabbed the bag and wanted to catch the bike again, but here's when my daring friend chased after him and managed to grab back the bag. both of them fell down and she got injured at her knees. poor girl.
but she was indeed very lucky already as the stupid snatch thief ran off and she only injured on her knees. i really salute her she could actually remained calm and chased after the thief. haha.

so ladies, please be extra careful with your handbags, especially when walking along the road. i'm pretty sure you know the trick, walk facing the traffic and carry the bag on the inside. but the best solution is to not carry any bags if possible. the world is getting innovative and so do the thieves.

til then, have a great weekend!

Friday, January 22, 2010

What a small world...

Have you ever come across such case, where your friend's gf is actually your neighbour's sister's daughter? or, the uncle selling cha kuey teow at the stall you frequently visit, stays around your neighbourhood? (well, something like that) i mean, connection. sometimes it really surprises you that, we are all somehow connected, be it directly or indirectly.

i just came to know that, the uncle selling koh teh (苦茶)at Taiping Hawker Center is my neighbour =__= he stays opposite me, i've been moving into the new house about a year and i actually dint know that. i use to see him and drink his koh teh quite frequently and yet, i dint know he's my neighbour. am i being not observant or what? :P

then, i just realise this morning, that my best friend's ex is a father of a new born baby boy lately! his FB is already loaded with lots of greetings and wishes from friends around! i hope i'm not the last one to know...

also, last few week, Esther was here to attend her cousin's wedding. i dint ask for details because i think that's none of my business! but on that very same evening when i attended an ex colleague's wedding, i saw her mother and sister at the same restaurant. only then i know this ex colleague is her so called cousin.

haha, the world is so small, right? ;)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Go solo!

Sometimes, it's unavoidable that we'll need to eat or shop alone. it does feel abit uncomfortable/embarrassing/paiseh when it comes to such situations. i personally had countless time of doing things alone like shopping, waiting for car wash, dining at the kopitiam/cafe, petrol pumping, going for hairdo etc etc.. i know, people will look, especially those uncles whom are at their retirement period (if you know what i mean). so, what can we do to avoid being so awkward?

1. Be bookish
You can always bring reading materials. i used to bring magazine like Cleo while waiting for the car wash to be done. this is very useful as i pay my attention on reading and when i finish flipping the mag, the car wash is done. i wont feel boring and it's an easy way to pass time.

2. Exude confidence
Well, there's seriously nothing wrong with doing things alone, for example shopping. in fact, i feel that it's more convenient and hassle-free. i know shopping with your besties is fun but shopping alone has its own advantage too! imagine tagging your partner along to Forever 21 when you know you'll be there for more than 30 mins. usually my hubby will walk in together with me, then very soon, he'll be waiting outside with his fingers cross. he may be fine waiting for me, but i feel bad. i will usually have a quick glance and walk off =__=

3. Be friend your blackberry
Yea, technology is getting more and more advance and convenient. we can surf the net, chatting and play games almost at anywhere. so, bring along your Blackberry, iPhone, lappie, PSP or whatever you call it whenever you're waiting for something to be done.

4. Life's short, enjoy the steak!
Last but not least, relax and indulge in whatever you're doing!! you're your own best shopping/dining mate ;)

*information source here*

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just sharing...

I am running outta ideas to blog.. so, just letmi do a random post about some of the skincare products i use...

for hair: of course shampoo and conditioner are a must.. besides, i use the treatment mask which i've bought from the salon aunty, very cooling! also, hair cream and spray (long permed and colored hair is a mess, lots of maintenance =__=, so i decided to trim off my hair, after my wedding in March)

other hair products are hair tonic(act as a toner for scalp) and hair cologne

for face: start off with cleansing milk, follow by cleanser (i do scrub/exfoliate about once to twice a week), then toner, follow by skin purifying lotion for problematic skin area

masque (l-r) : St Ives firming mask, Cellnique purifying masque, Cellnique soothing masque and Kose Mask White

after the cleansing step, i move on with some moisturizing lotions such as sebum gel, Oasis soothing gel and bio serum (only when necessary). eye cream is also important as it reduce eye bag and dark circle. i like the Garnier eye roller, its a good massager for my under eye area. during day time, i'll finish off with sunblock with SPF 20

these are some of the optional items (which means sometimes i skip :P) they are Ellgy plus cream, hand lotion, lip balm, nail balm and eye drop

make up cosmetic: mascaras(which already dry up cause i seldom use them), blue highlighter and eye liners (pencil and liquid). i like blue highlighter as it's very convenient! great tool if i'm in a hurry. eye liner is my all time favourite too!

another all time favourite!! falsies!! trust me these angels are very useful! invest on a few good ones and you wont go wrong with that.. (apparently one pair isnt enough, i usually use about 5-6 times for a pair)

other cosmetics: eyeshadow+blusher+lipstick palette, lipstick, lip gloss, foundations, eyeshadows, gel eye liner and make up remover

perfumes: i'm not a big fans of fragrances, they tend to lose its scent if you dont use it, so i only invest on a few here... Hugo Boss Femme and Lancome miniatures are those i own

brushes and curler: ok, dont ask me name them.. i just know how to use :P

please feel free to share your make up and skincare items with me! ;)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Money not enough

Lately, i've been spending money like crazy. and i dont know why, everything comes at the same time when i'm damn broke. i dint really buy/shop alot but i wonder where my money has gone??
i think i really need some cash management guidelines... =__=

Saturday, January 16, 2010


.... with the wedding photos.. ;)
received the whole designs from Justina last week. overall i'm satisfy with the designer's job! however, there're a few designs which we both dont really like.. and some i realised my unwanted fats still shown =__=
already inform her and hopefully after everything is done, they can proceed with the album developing. meaning to say, i can collect the albums by CNY! :D
click to view

this is one of the design. actually the leaves aint this yellow... they're green instead. anyway the whole view here is very nice regardless of the colors.
have a nice day you people! ^__^

Friday, January 15, 2010

Killer heels to die for...

Lately i've been addicted to the Taiwan fashion show, 女人我最大. not only it offers latest news about tips and tutorials on make up, it also provide useful information like fashion, shoes, bags and healthy cook tips and so on.

if you watched the recent's episode, the show was about trendy ways to wear office attire. it also focus on mix and match on types of heels to wear. below i find the must-have killer heels to hit the market this year:
leopard-print heels (Guess shoes kudrow3 - RM 321)

bulky-peep-toe-and-super-high-heels (Betsey Johnson Kittia Heel - RM321)

fashion guru Kevin mentioned the must-have colors for this year are purple, brown and grey. besides, leopard prints and bling bling fashion is believe to become more popular in the days to come
(Purple python latticed platforms - RM 2997)

heels with straps which expose some flesh (Guess shoes prepa sandal-pewter - RM 281)
*images are from here*
damn sexy and gorgeous can!! but price also very gorgeous right? lol...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

No more belly fats!

I've always jealous at girls who have a flat belly. or, should i say, a balance body figure. i know, friends said i look ok and fit bla bla.. i guess thats because i hide the unwanted fats well :P

anyway, i've promise myself to really shed off another 2-3KGs upon welcoming the big day, which is exactly 2 months from now (i know i keep mentioning about my big day lately, i hope you're not bore yet :P) it's really important as every bride-to-be wants to look at their best during this once-in-a-lifetime occassion.

so i think imma try these few useful tips:
1. Dont overdo it on exercise
Those who hit the treadmill, stationary bike, or elliptical trainer for an hour or more may find themselves gaining weight from exercise. a maximum of 10 to 15 minutes of aerobic activity is enough, and focus on doing resistance training exercises that work the abdominal core like yoga or pilates and weight-lifting to build arm and leg muscles. This will help you retain muscle.

(i always have this mindset: the longer i spend on my workout the better, but its not always true! so now i learn that i should just do it moderately)

2. But definitely do some moderate activity at least twice a week--especially if you've recently lost weight.
It's well known that regular exercise is essential for maintaining weight loss, but researchers discovered that all it takes is 40 minutes a day, twice a week to keep the belly fat from creeping back on.

(interesting! i am targetting myself to not miss any yoga classes, and go for aerodance and hiking around my neighbourhood, every week!)

3. Eat a snack before and after a workout
This will give you energy for your activity and will keep your blood sugar levels from plummeting afterward, which can leave you feeling famished and likely to overeat.

(snacks like muffins and bread are a good choice!)

4. Think 6 mini-meals a day
Expert recommends eating six small meals a day every two hours to keep hunger at bay and reduce the mid-afternoon or before-bed binges.

(wah sure or not? but these 6 mini meals must be balance in terms of protein etc etc. for further details you can refer here)

5. Get adequate amount of sleep
Too little sleep (less than six hours) or too much (more than eight hours) results in an excess production of the stress hormone cortisol. This hormone promotes the storage of fat in the belly. A possible reason: Your body, knowing it's in a state of stress, shuttles fat off to a storage place where it can be easily burned off for fuel in an emergency. Fat on the hips and thighs isn't released from cells as quickly, which is why we often refer to it as "stubborn fat."

(so remember to get enough sleep! i have about averagely 7-8 hours of sleep everyday)

6. Find ways to de-stress
This practice, called mindfulness, will help relax you and lower your cortisol levels. Don't think about that candy bar you ate yesterday--likely to increase your levels of stress hormones--or make promises to run three miles tomorrow. Instead, think of every moment as the "ability to learn, grow, and change". And you'll also appreciate those small bright moments in your day: a joke from a co-worker, conversing with the lady in front of you at the supermarket, a good-night hug from your child--all of which lower cortisol levels and thus help to keep stubborn belly fat at bay.

(De-stressing is so important! i never realise the importance of it until i've started working. back in schooling time, i didnt have much problems coping with stress as i stay with a bunch of college mates. we used to chat and shop alot and also watching dramas etc etc... but ever since i've started working, the stress i have is whole lot different than studies! it's actually really bad if stress overtake us.. so everyone, remember to chill out and most importantly, dont bring that pressure back home!)

*sources from here*

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wedding season

One random working day, an ex colleague from Finance dept dropped by and given each of us her wedding invitation card. i was surprised by the invitation, i never thought she'd invite me along as we are not close and dint had much deals before this.
nonetheless, we decided to attend since she was here personally, and i was free on the day too.

the wedding reception was held on 10/01/2010, at Soon Lee restaurant Taiping.

yummy and beautiful marshmallows as appetizer, coated with chocolate on the outside. i wanna try this next time!

l-r: Karen, Sim, Yvonne, Lorita, me, Yu Ching. Yan dint attend as she needed to look after her daughters

Yvonne and me

with the bride, VT. she's tall and fair... she arrived early, while many guests were not even there yet

with Angeline and her son

Esther was there too! VT is her cousin actually.. the world is so small right?

Karen and me
Ok, enough camwhoring and now let some foodie do the talking...
top: 1st dish was the usual 五福临门
bottom: sharkfin soup
top: sesame chicken and roasted duck
bottom: steam fish
top: mixed vegetable in yam basket (name given by Yan :P)
bottom: asam prawns
top: Yang Chow fried rice
bottom: sea coconut and longan dessert

overall, the food is nice! had a filling dinner and bid farewell to the newly wed...