Thursday, January 28, 2010

CNY house decoration

We're celebrating our first CNY at our new house this year! it's nice to have some CNY decorations around the house. Yan has blogged about her house decoration here, so i'm thinking to blog about the similar thing too! but unlike her, mine is alot simpler. mummy doesnt like complicated things at home, so we always keep things simple and convenient.

cute lions at the dining hall

gong xi fa cai couplet at the entrance door

pineapple (ong lai in Hokkien) decoration which is to hang at the garage.. we believe that pineapple represent 'ong' which means wealth ;)

simple CNY charms and DIY fish (年年有余)

last but not least, red curtain with the word 福 along the window


  1. nice decorative! eh, you made the fishes yourself?

  2. Not bad eh! Got some Ang Ang are good enough.

  3. Yvonne, yea, simply do one.. hehe...

    Yan, thanks.. yea, at least got CNY mood ^^

  4. wow~CNY coming... YEAH!!! YEAH!!!

  5. Evelyn, yea! i know you cant wait!! :D


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