Monday, January 4, 2010

Dark chocolate muffins


250g butter
220g low gluten flour
100g castor sugar
4 eggs
1 tbsp baking powder
120g sour cream
1 tbsp vanilla essence
400g cooking chocolate (here i use dark chocolate)

1. start by melting the chocolate using double boiler. after they had completely melted, put in the butter

2. followed by adding in sour cream. i couldnt find sour cream in the cake shop, but the boss taught me to mix dairy cream with some lemon juice, so it's sour cream ;)

3. meanwhile, prepare the mixture of both low gluten flour and baking powder. in another bowl, beat eggs with castor sugar evenly. pour in vanilla essence into the chocolate mixture, followed by egg mixture, and lastly the flour mixture.

4. pour the final mixture into cups, bake at 170C for about 35 minutes.

5. tada! super dark ho? lol.. alternatively, you can put some icing topping and decorate them as cup cakes


  1. hmm, really look dark.... but i bet it's delicious :)

  2. Yvonne, hehe, taste ok.. but its too dark so i dare not bring for you all.. :P

  3. Thanks and same to you pretty! ;)

  4. Hayley, it looked tasty, but damn rich ho?

  5. Yan, haha ya. butter and eggs inside =__=


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