Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Double celebration

It's such a rare occasion that this year's Valentine is also the first day of CNY! double the happiness! ;)

so, to celebrate CNY or Valentine? you ask. to me, i'd say its more to CNY. i'm seeing EK almost everyday so basically there's nothing special with V-day.
but its a different story with CNY because i can has ang pau(s)!! basically the last year i can receive ang pau =_= i know, stop reminding me, i will remember to give ang pau starting next year so dont you worry ;)

ok back to V-day, i remember i've stop buying EK anything since last year. i really running outta ideas on what to buy, so might as well just save some money :P may be get him something bigger one shot ;)

when ask about my ideal valentine celebration, i would prefer having a fine dining at home rather than going out. i think its fun to have some cooking together, regardless of our cooking skills ;) but until today, we hardly have this chance yet as both of us are still living with our parents. perhaps we'll have to wait until we get own home.

17 more days to go and i cant wait already! ;)


  1. lolx..sure hv hance, ur will got er ren shi jie soon wat...
    i agree having dinner at home too,
    valentine quiet a lot couple taking dinner at outside, sometime fully booked need Q so long vyry sien, valentine day dining at outside also quiet expensive...if love each other, everyday also is v'day~~

  2. Sherley, ya, agree. some restaurants even require advance reservations =_= so its a wise choice to dine at home :)

  3. Yea I prefer to celebrate it at home rather than going out and cramp with others.
    But this year my first V-day with him is a bit ruined because of the CNY lar... :(

  4. Shirlexia, why ruined? can do together lo.. hehe..

  5. How to do together wor???
    He needs to spend time with his family, and I have to too...

  6. Shirlexia, hmm, try to squeeze some times out la.. i think can one..


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