Friday, January 29, 2010

First Yee Sang of the year

Colleagues were attracted by Sushi King's Yee Sang promotion so off we went there yesterday during lunch time.
we ordered the small one for the 4 of us

Yan and Yvonne enjoying their sushi(s)

ta da~ yummy yee sang! Chinese believes that yee sang represents abundance and prosperity. the higher you toss, the greater the fortunes!

all of us! the place was empty even it was lunch hour, the place was occupied by 3 tables of Silverstonians haha

Yvonne and Lorita ordered Frunchie Peach

the conveyor belt was quite empty yesterday T.T
i'm planning to drag EK along for another round of sushi ;) but it's going to take some hardwork as he's not a sushi lover =_=


  1. Hayley, we can go also again after getting the B or after coming back from CNY. What you think?

  2. wow~yee shang at sushi king?! so special lor...yummy?! I want have a try too... ;)

  3. I tried the Sushi King's Yee Sang last year and was amazed at how good it was!
    I'm gonna get my mum to buy one this year too!

  4. I'm planning to get my hubs there too =) maybe next week before or after cny. definitely not during cny, coz that place will be packed with homo-sapiens!

  5. Yan, haha, not a bad idea ;)

    Evelyn, yea, the mini yee sang is cute ^^

    Shirlexia, okok, treat me also ya :P

    Yvonne, yep. must avoid going there during CNY, the traffic will be terrible around TS and Tesco area.

  6. hahah...first yee sang b4 CNY.. so fast go eat.. kakak....

  7. Ivy, yaya, kiasu ma.. kekek :P


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