Friday, January 8, 2010

Getting healthy

Soon, my blog will turn into some sorta information blog.. lol..
anyway, i found this simple piece of information on the internet the other day. i've told you, any articles which are related to losing weight or staying healthy will draw my attentions ;)

here's some simple and useful tips on staying healthy. .

Please DON'T...
1. add sugar, other natural sweeteners (including honey and agave), or artificial sweeteners to anything.
2. add salt to anything.
3. eat starches with dinner (including bread, rice, pasta, peas, beans, corn and potatoes).
4. drink alcohol.

Instead, DO....
1. eat on a schedule.
2. drink lots of water throughout the day.
3. enjoy "water alternatives" in unlimited quantities at any point during the day (eg: coffee, milk etc).
4. begin dinner with a healthy appetizer.
5. indulge in non-starchy vegetables.
6. engage in 30 to 60 minutes of aerobic exercise everyday (walking is fine).

*details please read here*


  1. I didn't eat starches with dinner. Mean I go for no rice at all at dinner, just that I eat a lot of potatoes. Not sure this will contribute to weight gain or not? But then I find I have hard time to shed fat due to the more advance stage that I have reached. You know what I mean right?

  2. Yan, i understand, i also struggling to lose weight but its so hard.. to me, i think we really need a very strong determination in order to shed off the fats. sigh..

  3. I totally agree on the starch part - totally stop eating rice and potato for dinner for the past 2 months.
    But I didn't see much results yet... or maybe I've been looking at myself too much in the mirror I don't see changes (^_^)

  4. Erm...actly, i can't survive without rice. I love potatoes too. Is our basic need to let our tummy full. I'll say we eat on schedule that will help the most in losing weight.

  5. Wai Leng, but i'm a rice lover! anyway i make sure i take super less rice during dinner and eat more vege!

    Angeline, i love rice too! but potatoes, so so only ;)


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