Thursday, January 21, 2010

Go solo!

Sometimes, it's unavoidable that we'll need to eat or shop alone. it does feel abit uncomfortable/embarrassing/paiseh when it comes to such situations. i personally had countless time of doing things alone like shopping, waiting for car wash, dining at the kopitiam/cafe, petrol pumping, going for hairdo etc etc.. i know, people will look, especially those uncles whom are at their retirement period (if you know what i mean). so, what can we do to avoid being so awkward?

1. Be bookish
You can always bring reading materials. i used to bring magazine like Cleo while waiting for the car wash to be done. this is very useful as i pay my attention on reading and when i finish flipping the mag, the car wash is done. i wont feel boring and it's an easy way to pass time.

2. Exude confidence
Well, there's seriously nothing wrong with doing things alone, for example shopping. in fact, i feel that it's more convenient and hassle-free. i know shopping with your besties is fun but shopping alone has its own advantage too! imagine tagging your partner along to Forever 21 when you know you'll be there for more than 30 mins. usually my hubby will walk in together with me, then very soon, he'll be waiting outside with his fingers cross. he may be fine waiting for me, but i feel bad. i will usually have a quick glance and walk off =__=

3. Be friend your blackberry
Yea, technology is getting more and more advance and convenient. we can surf the net, chatting and play games almost at anywhere. so, bring along your Blackberry, iPhone, lappie, PSP or whatever you call it whenever you're waiting for something to be done.

4. Life's short, enjoy the steak!
Last but not least, relax and indulge in whatever you're doing!! you're your own best shopping/dining mate ;)

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  1. i dont mind going solo. i believe we can always be independent and free :)

  2. Yvonne, same goes with me! *high 5*

  3. Some of the things that I would like to go solo, some I would prefer to have second opinion. For eg, I can go watching movie that I don't need any acompanion, but I like to have a best buddy to provide me her opinion when I go shopping for cloths.

  4. Yan, i too enjoy shopping with my bestie, but one is enough. too many will bring alot of delays.. lol..


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