Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy anniversary dear!

Time flies and it's been a year! felt like it was just yesterday....

we've been through alot throughout the year and i'm glad that we're improving on ourselves. we are getting more mature in handling things now and eventually better in toleranting with each other..
Thanks for everything you gave and the tolerance given. please do forgive my bad temper, jealousy and sometimes, my siao-ness :P
although sometimes i dont like your egoism and ignorance, but you are still the only husband i always love and care!

once again, happy anniversary and i love you! <3


  1. happy anniversary!!! may you both live happily ever after... ;)

  2. Cryst, thanks babe~ when's your turn huh? :P

  3. congrats...may ur love sweet sweet forever and ever... :)

  4. Pardon me, but I didn't know you;re married already!!! LOlx....congratz!

  5. Oh you dint know Erny? haha, its ok.. its not too late to know now! :P


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