Saturday, January 23, 2010

A heroic

A friend's mum nearly lose her bag to two malay snatch thieves two days ago. it happened near Plaza MPT, Jalan Kelab Cina. this road is very dark at night and sometimes tend to be quiet. there're even a few indian guys whom are self-employed to collect parking fees from you. EK always reminded me not to give them a single cent because they'll only take the money to buy drugs or sniff glue.

i'm sure these 2 fellas had already marked on aunty and grabbed her bag when chances came. according to this friend, one of the guy ran down and grabbed the bag and wanted to catch the bike again, but here's when my daring friend chased after him and managed to grab back the bag. both of them fell down and she got injured at her knees. poor girl.
but she was indeed very lucky already as the stupid snatch thief ran off and she only injured on her knees. i really salute her she could actually remained calm and chased after the thief. haha.

so ladies, please be extra careful with your handbags, especially when walking along the road. i'm pretty sure you know the trick, walk facing the traffic and carry the bag on the inside. but the best solution is to not carry any bags if possible. the world is getting innovative and so do the thieves.

til then, have a great weekend!


  1. Wow. Your friend is very very brave indeed. My mom fell victim to snatch thieves twice and on both occasions were not able to catch the culprit...

  2. Wai Leng, yea, she's a daring girl.. geng! ;)

  3. Festive season is around the corner, there is more criminal cases happening everyday. So, better be more alert when going out. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. ah, no wonder my hubs doesn't allow me to go there by myself... but i still curi-curi go :p

    i really need to do some self-relfect.

  5. Aiyo.. girls just don simply "feng" ya handbag at quiet place. hold our handbag close to us whenever we are on the road... nowadays very dangerous d

  6. Yan, yea, criminals are everywhere, regardless of when and where.. *sigh*

    Yvonne, must be careful going that area, especially at night...

    Ivy, of course we wont simply swing our bags. those thieves are very smart, they already mark on the target.. so must be careful..


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