Friday, January 15, 2010

Killer heels to die for...

Lately i've been addicted to the Taiwan fashion show, 女人我最大. not only it offers latest news about tips and tutorials on make up, it also provide useful information like fashion, shoes, bags and healthy cook tips and so on.

if you watched the recent's episode, the show was about trendy ways to wear office attire. it also focus on mix and match on types of heels to wear. below i find the must-have killer heels to hit the market this year:
leopard-print heels (Guess shoes kudrow3 - RM 321)

bulky-peep-toe-and-super-high-heels (Betsey Johnson Kittia Heel - RM321)

fashion guru Kevin mentioned the must-have colors for this year are purple, brown and grey. besides, leopard prints and bling bling fashion is believe to become more popular in the days to come
(Purple python latticed platforms - RM 2997)

heels with straps which expose some flesh (Guess shoes prepa sandal-pewter - RM 281)
*images are from here*
damn sexy and gorgeous can!! but price also very gorgeous right? lol...


  1. oooo.... i love the last heels from Guess

  2. Thanks for sharing this, no wonder Angeline Ong Bee Kwan also invested in a lot of the leopard strap items.

  3. Yvonne, i like all of them! :D

    Yan, welcome... haha, i think she watches it too! ;)

  4. great info.. thanks for sharing! i always missout the show :( btw, the last strappy heels damn sexayyyy....

  5. Cryst, no prob dear!

    really sexayyy ho? price also very sexayy leh :S

  6. Hey Yan, you dun have to state my full name wor...Is just fashion...Is my first time ever having leopard items...

  7. Angeline, lol, we're just joking, dont take it seriously ok! :)

  8. I love killer heels..but too bad, I still haven't found one that will NOT hurt my feet!!

  9. Erny, yea right, as far as i concern, most heels hurt... :S


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