Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Meeting the parents

We had a small dinner gathering at SSL trader hotel last weekend, together with in laws and mum and dad. brother dropped by a while, as he was attending a friend's wedding reception at the same venue.

nothing much to blog. only 2 proper photos here. the rest were all 'NG' photos so dint intend to upload. i dined at SSL hotel restaurant twice before and the services were pretty good i'd say. but unfortunately, this time around, their services had dropped. we were only aware of the wedding reception upstair at the ball room when we arrived. we could have chosen other place to have dinner. so, the restaurant were lack of staffs and the serving was very slow. a few
tables beside us were actually complaining about the bad service and one even left the restaurant. the captain should have inform the guests earlier about the lack of staffs and that dishes might served slightly slower.
what even pissed me off was, i asked for additional garlics and cili padi but the waitress replied there's no more garlic nor cili padi available that night. she was telling me, they were running out of garlic and cili padi during dinner hours, in this luxurious restaurant. mind you, it was only 8pm++. funny right? and another thing i dont like about this newly extended restaurant is their flies. seriously please do something to kill those annoying flies. hmm i know, not easy to deal with fussy customers like us. lol.


  1. i never tried SSL restaurant before. Husband didn't complain about the food there when he attended a wedding reception last month. But he also never intended to bring me there :'(

  2. LOL... your last paragraph damn funny..

    btw, where will u be having your wedding dinner? i'm considering ssl and flemington.. some told me service in ssl sucks, but ssl's ballroom looks nicer.. flemington dont have ballroom right? :(

    and btw btw.. what's the conenction btw u n siewli??

  3. Yvonne, hmm, ask him to bring you la!

    Cryst, my wedding dinner will be held at Flemington. i never been to SSL's ball room before so i cant compare. but food wise, i think SSL is better (despite their lousy services) Flemington only have one ball room, 1st floor, the place where we had our normal dinner.
    Oh, SiewLi's my sister in law ;)


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