Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Money not enough

Lately, i've been spending money like crazy. and i dont know why, everything comes at the same time when i'm damn broke. i dint really buy/shop alot but i wonder where my money has gone??
i think i really need some cash management guidelines... =__=


  1. Before I moved up to Penang I used to keep track of my spending by writing them down in a journal (accounting journal). So I know where the money went and also know how much was last week's breakfast or yesterday's lunch. From there I know how much I had spend for food (which usually takes up the biggest portion of my expenses) and everything else.

    But ever since I've got married all these tracking stopped because food is now paid by dear hubby and I don't spend as much as I used too so I can save up for bigger things like holidays

    You might want to keep a journal so you'll at least know where they went.

    Good luck!(^_^)

  2. Wai Leng, good point! i might consider that too.. (if i have the strong will..)
    thanks for sharing!

  3. agree with ur friend, WL. I usual practice writting down what and how much the money spent to daily and do the same to my bf's account too... :) It really help and work for save money,so... no harm to try!!! Wish u success...

  4. Evelyn, thanks! will try to do that!

  5. what u buy ha? :P me same here. CNY ei clothes oso din buy kok already po kai d

  6. Ivy, well i think i'm slightly better than you la, i already done with my CNY shopping.. but still broke...


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