Monday, January 25, 2010

OSIM today!

Mondays have always been the most boring and laziest day for working people like me, especially after getting a fine scolding/blaming/tea session from someone i hate. i sometimes have this emoness thinking about working when Sunday eventually ends. i dint know how bad Monday is until i started working...

anyway, i believe there're always solutions to beat the typical Monday blues. for once i read an article, it says to combat the Monday blueness, try to lay out your working attire/uniforms and pack your breakfast/lunch ready on Sunday night. with these things ready, you may eventually sleep a little more on Monday morning ;)

besides, i have a practice which is to complete as much task as possible on Friday. with this, i have less work to worry about on Monday. eg: i will usually finish my weekly plan on Friday. fyi, there's a need for all MIS staffs here to submit their weekly plans online to boss every Monday before 10am. i dont know about you but here, i have to :(
basically i'll have to write down what i plan to do for the coming week, targeted working duration and targeted completion date. all of these must equals to 40 hours for a 5-days-work and 44 hours if i'm working on that Saturday. i know this might be a good practice but i admit, i hate it very much!

Also, try to plan something special/nice on Monday night, fine dining or shopping with a friend, go to the once-a-week night market, watching favourite dramas/DVD etc etc. it's always easier if we have something to look forward to.

share with me if you have other better ideas ;)
have a happy blue monday ^_^


  1. Hayley, thanks for writing this emo post, as I can write my comment to release my hatred. I was quite emo too after being in the tea session for about an hour. I feel like just quiting after February, you know what i mean right? and I still have this thought in my mind when I am writing this. This Monday definitely is not my day. I have no better idea to give you, all I have in my mind is to run away on every Monday.

  2. these are some good solutions to embrace monday blueness. actually, everyday also blue with the monster in the room. sigh....

  3. Yan, i understand how you feel, i have the same feeling too. let's quit and invest on a good business lol...

    Yvonne, yea, monster. that explain why we are so happy when monster isnt around ;)


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