Sunday, January 31, 2010

Things that bad bosses do

I have always wonder the existence of an ideal boss in this world =_= if there's no ideal boss, at least, a good boss.
Yahoo has once again given me a good insight on this interesting topic.
so, please go through the lists below:

Things that bad bosses do:

1. Dont know your job
Bingo! absolutely totally exactly RIGHT! in my opinion, a boss must know what his staff knows, but his staff doesnt necessarily need to know what his boss knows. agree? because he is the boss, i'm sure he has more knowledge and experiences, so, he ought to understand his staff's job scopes. furthermore, a boss earn more than us ;)

2. Dont listen
Another great example. a boss should at least try to listen to his staff, be it work-related or personal issues. what i mean by listen here is to let the staff finish talking and try to understand the situation and respect everyone's ideas/comments.

3. Close minded
A bad boss only agrees to what he thinks and says, yea, close minded. if you ask your staff to speak up, then please trust him/her and dont doubt about his/her jobs. if you dont plan to trust him/her, dont ask them to talk. its that simple.

4. Poor preparation
It could be emergency meetings or emergency explanation to other dept heads.. etc etc. everybody has their own roles and its not too much for a boss to help out a little, i think.

5. Not building skills
Dont take responsibility lightly. you are a boss, you lead the department and staffs, so show a good example and you'll eventually be respected and loved.

so, are you having a bad boss? :P

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  1. good sharing, at least it made my day knowing there's a moron in my office.

  2. Yvonne, haha true. he matches all of the criterias listed..


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