Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wedding season

One random working day, an ex colleague from Finance dept dropped by and given each of us her wedding invitation card. i was surprised by the invitation, i never thought she'd invite me along as we are not close and dint had much deals before this.
nonetheless, we decided to attend since she was here personally, and i was free on the day too.

the wedding reception was held on 10/01/2010, at Soon Lee restaurant Taiping.

yummy and beautiful marshmallows as appetizer, coated with chocolate on the outside. i wanna try this next time!

l-r: Karen, Sim, Yvonne, Lorita, me, Yu Ching. Yan dint attend as she needed to look after her daughters

Yvonne and me

with the bride, VT. she's tall and fair... she arrived early, while many guests were not even there yet

with Angeline and her son

Esther was there too! VT is her cousin actually.. the world is so small right?

Karen and me
Ok, enough camwhoring and now let some foodie do the talking...
top: 1st dish was the usual 五福临门
bottom: sharkfin soup
top: sesame chicken and roasted duck
bottom: steam fish
top: mixed vegetable in yam basket (name given by Yan :P)
bottom: asam prawns
top: Yang Chow fried rice
bottom: sea coconut and longan dessert

overall, the food is nice! had a filling dinner and bid farewell to the newly wed...


  1. hmmm, i attended many wedding banquets there before but the food was the best during VT's dinner. i think soon lee improved :D

  2. Yvonne, haha, i think so too! i especially like the marshmallows! ;)

  3. Yea last time i ate once at Soon Lee and was pretty bad yet expensive.
    And I felt so bad because I was bringing whole gang of my friends from outstation there...

  4. Shirlexia, oo.. so unlucky huh? but i think now it has improved.. mind to give it a second chance? ;P

  5. The dinner looked yummy and you ladies looked beautiful.

  6. Yan, thanks ;) if you were there even better la...

  7. Wah! The marshmallow looks yummy!


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