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14 days

It's a lazy Saturday (as usual). weather out there is just perfect to sleep. but work is work, i have to focus on my jobs.. zZz...

big day is coming in exactly 2 weeks :o its really shocking realising how fast time flies... i started to somehow, feel the mood of getting married. its a real mixed feeling of excited, happy, nervous, scare and sad...
excited and happy because its a once in a life time event and ok, wedding is suppose to be happy la right?
nervous and scare because as a bride-to-be, i dont know how well can i perform during that time.. will i be ok? will i look good? will everything goes smooth? and the list goes on.........
sad because not able to stay a little longer at our new home which we've moved in in March last year :S

anyway, i hope everything will be smooth! all the best!

Tips for being happy at work

Works have been heavy these 2 days... nonetheless, i managed to squeeze some times to surf the net and find this useful information for being happy at work ;)
i'm sure many of us are often down with works and most of the time, getting frust and upset with users/works/bosses etc etc...
perhaps we can try these simple ways of making ourselves happier at work:

1. Never say “yes” on the phone; instead, say, “I’ll get back to you.” When you’re actually speaking to someone, the desire to be accommodating is very strong, and can lead you to say “yes” without enough consideration.
(i never know this simple way of replying people can make me happier! should have done it long time ago...)

2. Go outside at least once a day, and if possible, take a walk. The sunlight and activity is good for your focus, mood, and retention of information.
(yea, usually we'll go out during lunch break. thats the most valuable moment we all looking forward to)

3. Let yourself stay ignorant of things you don’t need…

Happy Birthday to Yan!

photo taken with Yan last October, during my birthday celebration at La Promise cafe Yan sits exactly opposite me in the office, we shared the same telephone extension. to me, she is the most daring lady in my department ^^ she always speak up her mind and display alot of confidence. sometimes i wish i can be just like her, lol... she's a very nice and friendly lady, she always treat us with free fruits, biscuits, snacks, home cook dessert etc etc... ;) judging at her hairstyle, you can tell that she's a very 'in' person and has a great sense of fashion ;) similar with me, we both always wanted to lose weight and keep ourselves slim. but honestly, i really think that she looks just fine because of her height. mind you, she is already a mother of 2 cute daughters, April and May. once again, Happy Birthday Yan! may you have a blessed years ahead! p/s: know more about her here.

6th day of hot CNY (END)

I promise this is the last update of the happening CNY this year ;)
nothing much we did on the 4th day because most of the friends were back to work. and i started working on the 5th day.

however, Angeline organized a gathering once again last Friday as she missed out the first gathering, she was in BKK with her family.

guess where?
SSL Traders Hotel! this photo was taken by the pak guard there, so pardon the funny photo angle.

a better one, taken by a passer-by

touching the rice

Alfresco Bistro, newly opened during early Feb. situated at the back lane of SSL Hotel. the place is wide, windy and it certainly has nice ambience. highly recommended for those of you who wants to have some classy drinking session ;)

the bar

the bistro offers several types of mocktail, cocktail, beer and liquor. if i'm not mistaken, there're snacks too! they played some nice R&B music at about 11pm onwards. me like~

Crystal and i

all of us except me =_=

cheers! we ordered a jug of Calsberg at a price …

3rd day of hot CNY

Another update on CNY activity, haha are you bore yet? :P

on the 3rd day, hubby and i went watching 14 blades during lunch time. right after movie, Boon called up asking us to buy some BBQ thingy which he missed preparing =_= the traffic in town was heavy but we got no choice but to help him. perhaps last minutes shopping is more fun? :/

late in the evening, we arrived at Boon's place and started preparing the food.

some of the BBQ food.
playing with the charcoal... =_="

some of the people...

stainless steel plate can be an alternative for barbeque burger, can you believe? but it takes 20-30 mins to cook... lol

us when hubby is still sober. i'm loving this white tube top which is only RM 26 last photo of the day, actually these guys are more camera-addicted than girls... =_=" the guys had drinking session until late night.. and me, playing black jack in the house with the rest :P

2nd day of hot CNY

As planned, we have girls gathering on the 2nd day of CNY. they came my house to collect red packets from my parents, and also viewing my wedding albums. they are damn heavy i dont expect myself to carry them out :S

Crystal and i with our cheongsam
l-r: me, Crystal, Cat, Jocelyn, Esther and Samantha

hubby and i (and Samantha's half chopped leg :P)
next, we headed to prima cafe for another round of gathering. it was very crowded there, luckily we managed to find our seats

all of us! ;)

all of us again ;))

its been a while since our last photo....

with friends whom i seldom meet... it's nice to have festive season like CNY when we can all gather together to have some girl talks, good laugh and sharing... i wish we can have more holidays like this throughout the year...

1st day of hot CNY

It was like 40 degree during the first few days of CNY. it's hot, dry and stuffy almost everywhere i go, felt like the sun is burning every part of my skin when i stepped out =_=""

DIY manicure. dint have much time so just simply draw... lol

our 1st stop was grandma's house. every year, we'll go visiting her during the 1st day of CNY. apart from collecting red packets, everyone will have to eat a big bowl of rice noodles. it's believe that this long rice noodles is a symbol of longevity in the Chinese tradition

SIL and me

hubb and i

after visiting grandma and grandpa, we headed back home and enjoyed some movie times. did i mention the weather was freakingly hot?? so we prefer to stay in....

late in the evening, we went to friend's house for some BBQ session and poker card games. i admit i like gambling but i only do it once a year :P

i came out with an idea of buying everbody this lovely cake since it was V-day! totally no time to bake it on my own, so the e…

14 Blades (锦衣卫)

Donnie Yen, Zhao Wei, Wu Zhun, Kate Tsui, YuWu Qi

this is so far the only movie i've watched in cinema during CNY. Taiping Sentral was jam pack during CNY and needless to say, there were always long queue at the cinema.
however, EK wanted to watch this as he's always a big fan of Donnie Yen. he likes nothing but Donnie's real kung fu.

i have to say his kungfu is really nice to watch! ;)

rate: 3/5

full synopsis please click here

Back to work & 开工大吉!!

I've just stepped into the office an hour ago. it took me some effort to drag myself unwillingly here.. :/ i believe many are still on holidays.

CNY has come to fifth day. i had a very busy CNY this year i dont know why, because basically all i did was just those typical CNY activities like friends gathering, visiting relatives, eat and drink. somehow i feel that time is not enough! and i definetely dint have enough rest these few days.. zZz...

dint took much photos this time, weather is freakingly hot i dint have the urge to make up and camwhoring. worst, there was no electricity at home during the 1st and 2nd CNY midnight. i heard several areas in Taiping were affected too =_=""

will update more about CNY soon. since today's the first day of work, i wish everyone and myself, hoi kong tai kat! 开工大吉!! ;)

Gong Xi Fa Cai and Happy Valentines!

CNY is getting closer! i'd like to take this opportunity to wish all of you, a happy chinese new year! gong xi fa cai! wishing you abundance of wealth, health and fortune!


Also, wishing everyone out there, Happy Valentines Day! <3

i might go on a short hiatus and will be back next week!

til then, have a great holidays!! :D

All's Well End's Well 2010

My main reason for watching this movie is because of Angelababy, a HK actress and model. not only is she young and sweet, she can be sexy and hot too!
ok i admit, i watch it because of leng zai Louis Koo too! *blush*

anyway, i am abit disappointed with this movie. no doubt it's funny, but the story line is totally driving me crazy. it's not logic at all, but i think thats what Raymond Wong's movies are all about. not really recommended unless you dont really mind.

rating: 2/5

Only in Taiping...

... where you can find the yummiest rice noodles (冬粉). there's this uncle who runs the bicycle around the town, and use a fork and bowl as his bell. i'm sure all Taiping people know about him. he's been selling this for years...

got fish balls, meat balls and yau cha kuai, best served when it's still sizzling hot! and it's only RM 2.50 per bowl/pack! where else can you find such good deal?

and this, Pokok Asam famous laksa, runs by a chinese family. of course, this is the modified version of laksa, EK likes to add in 2 packs of Mamee and eat together with the laksa noodles =_=" the original ones definetely looks more normal

Lucky colors in the year of Tiger

CNY is just 4 more days to go! :D
i believe many of you have already got new clothes, new hairstyles, new earrings, new shoes, new bras etc etc... but, did you get the colors right?

i was watching Ladies First yesterday and received another great information from there. many of us are aware that Chinese believes in 5 elements which are Gold (金), Wood(木), Water(水), Fire(火) and Earth(土). we also have 12 animals sign of zodiac which are Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Cock, Dog and Boar.
now, do you know which animal belong to which element? hmm, i dint know until i watched the show last night.

ElementAnimal Zodiac
Gold Monkey, cock
Wood Tiger, Rabbit
Water Boar, Rat
Fire Snake, Horse
Earth Ox, Dragon, Sheep, Dog

so now you know you're belong to which element, so, which color is your lucky color (开运色)?

Element:Animal Zodiac : Lucky Colors
Gold: Monkey, cock- white, silver
Wood: Tiger, Rabbit - green, grey
Water: Boar, Rat - black, dark blue, dark brown
Fire: Snake, Hors…

Mind your behaviour!

I know it's normal for guys to look at girls, especially pretty girls, and vice versa. but some guys just overdo it.

last Saturday, i accompanied EK to attend MCB Industries annual dinner. FIL was supposed to attend this but since he needed to attend other dinner, so he assigned us to go. the dinner had already started when we arrived, so we were assigned to sit with a table of all MAN. to be honest, i was the only girl so i think those people will somehow draw their attention towards me. but just one glance is enough, right? but there was this guy(about my age) who's really irritating! not only did he keep looking at me, but i think he even snapped my photo using his hp! i hope its me who is sensitive, but EK did felt the same thing. damn irritating you know! i did my best to turn my face to the stage. i was very uncomfortable the whole night, sitting there with a group of male strangers, and whats more this physco who's really irritating! so i urged EK to leave the place …

Wedding bells are ringing!

Friends around me are getting married one after another. like it or not, we've finally reach the age of marriage so i think its time to settle down.

Cryst had signed up her wedding photography package so i think her BIG day is coming real soon! :D
Annie is also planning her wedding and mostly will be held next year :D
a couple of friends have got their own house so i bet i'll get their red bomb soon too! :D

ask me whats my ideal wedding style and this picture is the answer! the ang moh style of garden wedding. so pretty and fun! anyway, EK and i were discussing with John (the owner of Flora Art Taiping) about our wedding venue decorations last weekend. there're actually alot of things to be discussed =_="" i dint expect we'll spent like 2 hours there just to discuss on decorations for stage backdrop, aisle, guest counter, staircase, tables, types of flowers and colors, wrist and chest corsages, wedding cakes etc etc. beautiful wedding cake
speaking about cake, i n…

Valentine gift ideas

Again, Valentines Day is just 9 days away. do you have any ideas on what to give? and have you buy anything for your valentine?

i found an interesting topic this morning, gift ideas for your partner based on the length of your relationship.

1. Less than 3 months
If you’ve just started dating, keep your gift casual. At this point, anything expensive or too personal will send a scary I-like-you-a-little-too-much message. his favourite DVD or books is nice enough ;)

2. 3-6 months
This is a tricky in-between phase: You’re an official couple, but are still getting to know each other. Impress him by finding something creative that’s totally him. for example, if he's into taking pictures, buy him a tripod or camera gadgets.

3. 7-11 months

Okay, things are starting to get serious (even if he’s yet to admit it). A fun gift for this stage in the relationship is an experience you can have together, so you’ll build more shared memories. Try tickets to a concert or a football game.4. 1-2 yearsYou’ve …

My Valentine

After reading Yan's post on her marriage life, i realised this is something common happen to most of the couples. after some times spend together, we will somehow find that life has become boring and dull. especially after having kids, i believe.

to be honest, i dint really know how it'll be after having kids. but i know i'll get to know that soon. both EK and I love kids, but we somehow have different point of views. i still wanted to experience some couple life together after moving in with him, but he wanted to have kids quick. we'll both end up with no conclusion whenever we come to talk about this topic. sometimes, his egoism really irritates me. i know he loves kid and want to have our own baby but then, i believe we need some planning. may be he's comfortable with his financial and have no worries but what about me? i think it's not easy to cope with the pregnancy thingy... :S

anyway, i've promised myself to be a better wife so i will try my best. i ho…

Best and not-so-best

During the 52nd Annual Grammy Award, Taylor Swift has won the Best Album of The Year *congrats* she's always my favourite! not only is she tall and elegant, she's really good in singing too! ;)
her look during the night. she looks absolutely gorgeous in this gown. basically because she's tall so she looks nice in any kinda styles *jealous*
unlike Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga has a total different kinda sense of fashion. her look is somewhat special, but... not those kind that i can accept =_=" especially her shoes.. anyway, i still like most of her songs. she's so young but yet already a shining star. even the late MJ wanted to work with her

image sources here

Peanut cookies

Peanut cookies is one of my favourite during CNY. since it's only 2 weeks away to CNY, i've decided to try baking it on my own... actually it's really easy! all you need are:
300g flour
250g ground peanuts (easily obtained from the cake shop)
250g icing sugar
200ml peanut oil (i use Cap Helang's cooking oil)
1 egg yolk
start by mixing flour, ground peanut and icing sugar

then add in oil and mix everything evenly. when the dough is ready, form them into small round doughs

apply a sheer layer of egg yolk on every doughs. i used straw to form the circle in the middle of every dough. arrange them on the cake paper and bake at 150C for about 20 minutes.

sorry some are abit outta shape.. but they taste good though ;) my next target is the pineapple tarts, also my favourite! :D