Saturday, February 27, 2010

14 days

It's a lazy Saturday (as usual). weather out there is just perfect to sleep. but work is work, i have to focus on my jobs.. zZz...

big day is coming in exactly 2 weeks :o its really shocking realising how fast time flies... i started to somehow, feel the mood of getting married. its a real mixed feeling of excited, happy, nervous, scare and sad...
excited and happy because its a once in a life time event and ok, wedding is suppose to be happy la right?
nervous and scare because as a bride-to-be, i dont know how well can i perform during that time.. will i be ok? will i look good? will everything goes smooth? and the list goes on.........
sad because not able to stay a little longer at our new home which we've moved in in March last year :S

anyway, i hope everything will be smooth! all the best!


  1. no worry~ everything will turn out just fine when you are being positive and i know you are :D

  2. Yvonne, yea i hope so! thanks ;)

  3. Hey Hayley! Is it that close already? Although I'm not too close to you but I feel happy whenever a friend around my age get married!
    Just relax lar you'll be fine! And congratulations, once again!
    My mum told me your new house is in the same taman as my home, you know that???

  4. Thanks Shirlexia..
    oh, you stay at Golden Hill too? :o

  5. Ic.. haha.. the world is so small.. next time i go check check which one is your house.. lol


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