Friday, February 19, 2010

1st day of hot CNY

It was like 40 degree during the first few days of CNY. it's hot, dry and stuffy almost everywhere i go, felt like the sun is burning every part of my skin when i stepped out =_=""

DIY manicure. dint have much time so just simply draw... lol

our 1st stop was grandma's house. every year, we'll go visiting her during the 1st day of CNY. apart from collecting red packets, everyone will have to eat a big bowl of rice noodles. it's believe that this long rice noodles is a symbol of longevity in the Chinese tradition

SIL and me

hubb and i

after visiting grandma and grandpa, we headed back home and enjoyed some movie times. did i mention the weather was freakingly hot?? so we prefer to stay in....

late in the evening, we went to friend's house for some BBQ session and poker card games. i admit i like gambling but i only do it once a year :P

i came out with an idea of buying everbody this lovely cake since it was V-day! totally no time to bake it on my own, so the easiest way is to order it from the nearest bakery ;) this heart-shaped chocolate moist cake is from La Promise bakery and it's specially made to celebrate V-day. yummy~

last photo of the day... posing with the cake before it goes down to our tummies....


  1. You looks so good in the cheongsam!
    I can never wear a cheongsam with sleeve because of my big fat pig hand! :S

  2. Shirlexia, your cheongsam is nice ler, me like~
    i couldnt find a sleeveless one.. ao ended up buying this one ;)

  3. nice nail art :) and i acknowledge how you feel about the weather, i hate it too

  4. Yvonne, i have to say, its even hotter than last year....

  5. nice nail art wor~and the cake as well!!! Good... Like it...

  6. Evelyn, yep, the cake is nice! ^^


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