Saturday, February 20, 2010

2nd day of hot CNY

As planned, we have girls gathering on the 2nd day of CNY. they came my house to collect red packets from my parents, and also viewing my wedding albums. they are damn heavy i dont expect myself to carry them out :S

Crystal and i with our cheongsam

l-r: me, Crystal, Cat, Jocelyn, Esther and Samantha

hubby and i (and Samantha's half chopped leg :P)
next, we headed to prima cafe for another round of gathering. it was very crowded there, luckily we managed to find our seats

all of us! ;)

all of us again ;))

its been a while since our last photo....

with friends whom i seldom meet...
it's nice to have festive season like CNY when we can all gather together to have some girl talks, good laugh and sharing... i wish we can have more holidays like this throughout the year...


  1. err.... do i spotted a guy in one of your group photo? i thought it was all-girls gathering, keke

  2. Nice cheongsam and also nice nail art.

  3. Yvonne, haha, yea.. actually my hubby was there too, he was the camera man that night.. ;)

    Yan, thanks! ;)

  4. yayaya... the weather damn damn hot... faint!!!! suffer CNY~ :(


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