Monday, February 22, 2010

3rd day of hot CNY

Another update on CNY activity, haha are you bore yet? :P

on the 3rd day, hubby and i went watching 14 blades during lunch time. right after movie, Boon called up asking us to buy some BBQ thingy which he missed preparing =_= the traffic in town was heavy but we got no choice but to help him. perhaps last minutes shopping is more fun? :/

late in the evening, we arrived at Boon's place and started preparing the food.

some of the BBQ food.

playing with the charcoal... =_="

some of the people...

stainless steel plate can be an alternative for barbeque burger, can you believe? but it takes 20-30 mins to cook... lol

us when hubby is still sober. i'm loving this white tube top which is only RM 26
last photo of the day, actually these guys are more camera-addicted than girls... =_="
the guys had drinking session until late night.. and me, playing black jack in the house with the rest :P


  1. You look nice and slim in the white tube top.

  2. Yan, hehe, thanks. nice top at a great price ;)

    Evelyn, yea lo, i was expecting to see you actually. but nvm, more chances to come ^^


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