Tuesday, February 23, 2010

6th day of hot CNY (END)

I promise this is the last update of the happening CNY this year ;)
nothing much we did on the 4th day because most of the friends were back to work. and i started working on the 5th day.

however, Angeline organized a gathering once again last Friday as she missed out the first gathering, she was in BKK with her family.

guess where?

SSL Traders Hotel! this photo was taken by the pak guard there, so pardon the funny photo angle.

a better one, taken by a passer-by

touching the rice

Alfresco Bistro, newly opened during early Feb. situated at the back lane of SSL Hotel. the place is wide, windy and it certainly has nice ambience. highly recommended for those of you who wants to have some classy drinking session ;)

the bar

the bistro offers several types of mocktail, cocktail, beer and liquor. if i'm not mistaken, there're snacks too! they played some nice R&B music at about 11pm onwards. me like~

Crystal and i

all of us except me =_=

cheers! we ordered a jug of Calsberg at a price of RM 38. its slightly expensive compared to other cafes but i think it's reasonable because it's a hotel. so they might wanna do it the hotel-style...

ALL of us! we left at 11.30pm because Crystal, Cindy and i were working the next day. whereas Esther had to rush for late movie show. no matter what, i'll definetely visit the place again! ;)
Alfresco Bistro
SSL Traders Hotel, Kamunting
Operation hours:
8pm-1am (Sundays-Thursdays)
8pm- 2am (Fridays and Saturdays)


  1. i'm looking forward to go to this bistro....been planning, but until now also haven't been there. might go there on Friday night..any nice food there besides the drink?

  2. LinDa, we dint eat anything that night, purely just drinking and chit chatting.
    may be you try it then let me know :P

  3. My sis went to this bistro and told me it's surprisingly pretty good too!
    Too bad not many of my friends are alchohol kaki lor... I think SSL Traders Hotel is not too bad hey, cos I went to their cafe there...

  4. Shirlexia, not necessary must alcoholics ma.. they have mocktail(non-alcohol cocktail) and other drinks too!


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