Friday, February 12, 2010

All's Well End's Well 2010

My main reason for watching this movie is because of Angelababy, a HK actress and model. not only is she young and sweet, she can be sexy and hot too!
ok i admit, i watch it because of leng zai Louis Koo too! *blush*

anyway, i am abit disappointed with this movie. no doubt it's funny, but the story line is totally driving me crazy. it's not logic at all, but i think thats what Raymond Wong's movies are all about. not really recommended unless you dont really mind.

rating: 2/5


  1.'s funny but really no meaning... if not Louise and Angelababy, I think nobody going to watch it lor...LOL

  2. Evelyn, 很无厘头咯。。 早知不去看。。哈哈。。


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