Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Best and not-so-best

During the 52nd Annual Grammy Award, Taylor Swift has won the Best Album of The Year *congrats* she's always my favourite! not only is she tall and elegant, she's really good in singing too! ;)
her look during the night. she looks absolutely gorgeous in this gown. basically because she's tall so she looks nice in any kinda styles *jealous*

unlike Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga has a total different kinda sense of fashion. her look is somewhat special, but... not those kind that i can accept =_=" especially her shoes.. anyway, i still like most of her songs. she's so young but yet already a shining star. even the late MJ wanted to work with her

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  1. yeah! I also read about MJ wanted to invite her to be his special guest in his This Is It concert.

  2. i always find lady gaga dressing odd...hhmmm....

  3. Yan, yep! but unfortunately.... :(

    Erny, ya, she really got her own different taste..

  4. Well, that's how the lady makes everyone goes ga-ga. she stands out of the crowd. sometimes i wish i would be as daring as her, to be different from others :)

  5. Yvonne, yea, i think it takes courage to be different from others, and must be able to take critism ;)


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